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    Modular Storage Units

    Modular Storage Units

    Customer Testimonial: “Modular storage panels were the last thing on my mind when it came to storage. Keeping up with children is difficult enough, much less worried about how organized my vehicle is. I was a complete mess when it came to my truck. And I mean MESS. From duffle bags to rope to groceries, it just seemed like everything was getting out of control. Rago Fabrication’s Modular Storage Panel and Shelf saved my sanity” -Sarah, GA

    Modular storage panels have hit the ground running and are rapidly growing in popularity amongst the off-roading community. Why you may ask? One word. ORGANIZATION. You can put almost anything on these panels. If you read any review about Molle Panels and Shelves, they will be the same. They LOVED them. So lets dive into the pros and (little) cons of Modular Storage.

    Pros: You can organize anything. From tools, first aid kits, to paper towels and even fire extinguishers. Add the shelf, and you have even more storage for duffel bags and groceries. The shelf has a lip, so your items do not fall onto back seat riders.

    Cons: Product stored on Modular Storage Units can have a slight rattle once installed. For instance, if you added a fire extinguisher to your panels, this item could theoretically rattle.  Although this can be annoying, it is easily minimized with a Rubber band, or tie down strap. Add a shelving unit to the mix, and it could potentially block your rearview mirror somewhat as well.

    So the choice is yours, will a Modular Storage Unit save your sanity?

    You can get the Modular Storage Panels here->
    You can get the Modular Storage Panel Shelf here->

    Rago Fabrication’s Modular Storage Panel Shelf is easy to install and does not require any drilling or altering of your vehicle. You must have the Rago Modular Storage Panels (Pair) to use this item. Although our Modular Storage Panels are not designed for third row seating, you can use your best judgement whether Modular Storage Units are best for you. To lighten your load, we are giving you 15% Off our Modular Storage Panel Shelf using code: SHELF15.

    Batteries Not Included

    Batteries Not Included

    Dual Batteries

    When my husband I first got married, we would head down to a remote location along a small river in Texas. We would camp out, and “rough” it, so to say. One day, we were roasting smores, running our portable fridge and listening to the radio. We did not intend on staying as long as we did, but my husband and I ended up FALLING ASLEEP with the fridge still running. Needless to say, when we woke up, we were stranded. Luckily, my husband had a jump box and we were able to get going fairly quickly. This would have not been the case if we had a Dual Battery System. When you’re off roading, traveling to remote areas, tailgating or just down right camping, you might need more than just one power source. Dual Battery systems can help you power multiple items, without worry of your battery crashing on you.

    Pros to having a dual battery system: Being stranded because your battery lost power, just downright sucks. This is an issue of the past if you have dual battery system. Not to mention, you can jump start the vehicle yourself, run multiple accessories without needing your engine, run your radio and even link multiple batteries to power even bigger items, such as your winch.  A Dual Battery System is a long-term solution to your off-roading power needs. Once everything is installed, they stay pretty stationary, although they will need to take up some of that extra space in your vehicle.

    So you’re probably wondering, what type of battery should I consider? To figure out what kind of battery fits your Dual System needs, you can read about the batteries here. To purchase the batteries, checkout the links below.


    Cons of having a dual battery system: Dual Battery Systems are not optimal for everyone. Batteries are heavy and adding another could add to the overall weight of your vehicle.  If you’re not traveling very far or for very long, the dual battery system may not benefit you.

    If The Dual Battery System is not for you, there are other options such as Portable Battery Boxes, which are less stationary, but keep in mind, these must be charged externally. You can check out Portable Battery Boxes here.

    So the choice is yours- Do you need it or Nah?

    You can get the Dual Battery Box here->

    Made from strong, rust-free stainless steel, the Rago Dual Battery Box offers protection on all sides of your Group 34, 35 battery. TIG-welded for a precise, snug fit, the Battery Box is easy to install and includes all the stainless-steel hardware.  To take some stress off, we are offering 10% off our dual battery boxes using code: BOX10

    To Skid or Not to Skid?

    To Skid or Not to Skid?

    Hey Guys!!! Skid10?

    To Skid or Not to Skid?

    Absolutely! Skid plates are a simple necessity when it comes to overlanding and off-roading. The products we normally think about are the most popular such as rock sliders. However, riding on rocky trails, you have the potential to damage vital components, such as your lower control arms, shocks, gas tanks and similar undercarriage items. And nobody wants a significant unexpected expense. 😊

    Aluminum or Steel? That’s the question.

    Aluminum: Aluminum and Steel Skid Plates technically do the same job, protect your vehicle from damaging the undercarriage. While Aluminum is the lighter option, it depends which trails you are running. If your off roading on simple trails and just need it as a precaution, Aluminum is the way to go.

    Steel: While Steel Skid plates are heavier, they endure harsher environments, slide on rocks easier, and less expensive compared to Aluminum. If you’re not worried about added weight, and are looking for a durable long-lasting option, a steel skid plate is the way to go.

    Where can I purchase?

    So the choice is yours! Are you going to be trail riding near the river, or jumping obstacles in Moabi?

    You can get them here->

    Rago Fabrication offers both 1/4” Aluminum and 3/16" Steel Skid Plates, for all our trail riders, over landing, and off-roading customers. To take a load off your shoulders, we are offering a 10% discount on all our Skid Plates. You can purchase using code SKID10 at checkout.

    Brand Rep - @carolina_runner28

    We wanted to ask our newest brand rep, Megan Kuykendall of Asheville, NC a few questions and introduce her to you guys! 

    "I love just being on the trails and listening to the quietness around us! There is something therapeutic about it. My favorite part about driving in the woods  is overcoming the anxiety of the unknown and taking it by the hand and going for it."

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     The Trail Therapy story:

    Our President Kevin Massey- Bosnia, Disabled Army Veteran, myself- (VP and Secretary) - Iraq and Afghanistan War, disabled Marine Veteran and Nick Kimmel (Also VP and Treasurer)- Iraq and Afghanistan War, disabled Marine Veteran came together after meeting in the place we love the most, the outdoors.

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