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    The Best Forum On The Planet. 🌏

    The Best Forum On The Planet. 🌏




    If you own a 3rd Gen Tacoma and haven’t been on you have been living in a bubble. This Forum has been trending throughout the off-roading community and is known for their positive and enthusiastic attitude.

    A Co-Owner and Administrator of Tacoma3G, Andy Vasquez, is not only the coolest dude ever but also rocks the most epic handle-bar stash I have seen in person. Andy and I have run into each other at multiple shows across the country, but we never got the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation.  Andy was coming off a 24 hour shift as a firefighter over on the pacific coast and thankfully was able to do a quick interview with me. (Thank you Andy, California needs you.)

    Why did you start Tacoma 3G?

    My partner Tyler started Tacoma 3G because he was unhappy with the existing Tacoma and Overland communities due to their outdated designs and elitist attitudes from seasoned members and even the forum moderators. It is difficult enough getting into a new hobby without being ridiculed for asking a question you genuinely do not know the answer to.

    What makes Tacoma 3G different than other forums?

    We wanted to create a place where people can ask questions without judgement, and really get the help they need. We feel like everyone started somewhere and while you may have heard their question before and think the answer is really easy, everyone should have the same opportunity to learn about their truck without judgement or ridicule.

    How long ago did you start the forum?

    Tyler started Tacoma3G in April of 2018 and I got involved as a member a month later.  Immediately I knew Tacoma3G was something special amongst other forums and wanted to help grow the site. In January 2019 I became a forum moderator and most recently Tyler and I became full partners and Co-Owners.

    Why do you think you guys are trending in the community?

    The Tacoma community is growing rapidly because people now more than ever need an escape from their daily lives. Toyotas in general are an excellent choice of vehicle for those kind of adventures due to their reliable nature and robust aftermarket. To accomplish the builds that individuals want requires some research and help to get them to those escape destinations. Tacoma3G openly welcomes new members and we are extremely enthusiastic about our builds and theirs. Creating relationships amongst the members, helping them to gain the knowledge to make the right decisions the first time for their dream build is what we are here for.


    When users visited the Tacoma 3G Forum, what did you want the atmosphere to be like?

    The inviting atmosphere and streamlined interface of our forum really sets us apart. Users tell us they are happy with the overall environment and are excited that we created a forum where people are positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and helpful. As for the interface, Tyler puts in a ridiculous amount of work on the back end to make sure every detail of the site is pleasing to the eye, functional, and works.

    What would you like to tell people that don’t know about Tacoma 3G?

    First off, we have a lot planned for the future. Tacoma3G 2.0 is right around the corner and we are working hard behind the scenes to bring new and innovative features to our members that have never really been utilized on a forum before. There are not a lot of forums out there like Tacoma3G and we want users to know that we are here to help inform them to make the best choices when it comes to upgrading and caring for their vehicles. So come check us out!

    In conclusion, Tacoma 3G is an an amazing forum to jump into if you own a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma. Make sure to check them out and gain some useful knowledge, and make sure to give some, too. Say Hi to Andy for me.👋


    Andy Vasquez- Co-owner and Administrator

    Tyler Winterfield- Founder and Administrator


    Airing UP 👆 and DOWN 👇

    Airing UP 👆 and DOWN 👇

    Airing UP 👆 and DOWN 👇

    Is it really needed when you are out on the trails?


    The answer to this question is absolutely. Whether you are on simple trails or intermediate ones, airing down your tires can significantly help your comfortability, traction, and prevent punctures.

    Comfortability: If you trail ride, this should be one of the main reasons you air down your tires.  When it comes to riding on rough terrain, not airing down your tires will give you a significant difference in ride comfortability and traction. Keeping your tires at standard PSI can not only give you an uncomfortable ride but can also knock you around and puncture your tires.  Airing down your tires allows you to cover more surface area with the rubber of the tires and softening the blow by allowing your tire to absorb the tough impacts, rather than bounce off.

     Traction: With Standard PSI, your tire will not be capable of gripping the terrain when you are trail riding. Lowering the PSI will allow your tire to deflate and more of your tire will be on the ground allowing your vehicle to gain more traction.

    Preventing Punctures: Using normal PSI on the trails can cause punctures to your vehicle. Imagine a balloon that is filled completely and comes into contact with a sharp object. The balloon will instantly pop, right? Now imagine, if you were to deflate some of the balloon, and it comes into contact with that same object, it is less likely to pop. The same idea applies to lowering your tire PSI.

    So now you decide, is airing up really necessary?

    There are a TON of air up/down systems on the Market. Watch out for our next blog post that will go into detail about the different options and how to pick the one that will work best for you.

    Have questions? Leave a comment!

    Communication is K E Y

    Communication is K E Y

    Communication is K E Y

    A CB Antenna mount is a MUST HAVE safety modification. If you’re trail riding in a remote location with limited service, a CB Radio could make all the difference in an unforeseen situation.

    CB or Citizens Band radios are a method of wireless communication most known for their use by long-haul truckers. The CB radio is great for long distance communication; Whether you’re stuck out on the trails and need a winch, or you’re traveling with a pack of friends across the country.

    What kind of situations would a CB Radio be used?

    When someone gets separated from the group, has an accident, and needs help getting their vehicle pulled out of a tight spot, a CB Radio will help you keep in contact and reassure you help is on the way! Or maybe you also simply want to alert a driver on a shared trail that you are coming their way. These are some of the times when a CB is your most reliable means of communication.

    You wanted simple mounting solutions for your antennas, and we responded with a big 10-4! With the Rago Fabrication Antenna Mount, you get the best of both worlds with our sleek yet rugged stainless-steel design. Designed to fit your vehicle flush to create a non-intrusive mount for your antenna that you will be proud to show off.

    Who Is BustABeatGeorge?

    Who Is BustABeatGeorge?

    Who is @BustABeatGeorge?

    Bustabeatgeorge, or Jorge Fernandez is a Nature Enthusiast/Content Creator in the off-roading community. With over 10.4K in YouTube subscribers, Jorge is trailing his way to the top. Between reviewing products and creating content for popular off-roading brands, Jorge keeps himself pretty busy. We decided to ask BustaBeatGeorge a few questions about himself and the success that follows him.

    What made you decide to go into Overlanding/Off-Roading?

    It all started many years ago as my Father George Sr. was also an outdoor enthusiast. At a young age he traveled all over California in his 1979 Ford Granada in search of a new adventure. He later met my Mother and then came my brother and I. I can vividly remember our family taking weekly trips to explore the unknown, whether it was a national park or a lonely dirt road. It was then when my love for off roading began. The simplicity of getting into a vehicle and roaming the endless dirt roads made unfiltered memories. The outdoors and off roading are part of me, it’s in my DNA.


    What products on your vehicle are outfitted from Rago?

    List of Rago parts on my Toyota Tacoma Build: Lower Control Arm Skids Fuel Skid Plate Shock Guards Ditch Brackets Bed Channel Stiffeners Center Console Molle Panel ( With Bridge ) Dual Arb Engine Bay Bracket Ultra Swing Molle Panel


    When you spend time on the trail, what is your primary goal?

    The primary goal is get out and unwind from the daily routine. As a content creator its also a perfect creative outlet to explore and work on my craft.

    I know you take photos and videos for your YouTube Channel; do you have any advice for beginners trying to film their journey? What camera and set-up do you have?

    Every journey starts with you taking action. The willingness to take control and push yourself to do something out of your comfort zone is key, Always remember that capturing the journey through video is impossible. But one thing you can do, is capture the experience and highlights to encourage others to get out and explore. Don’t be afraid to tell your story.


    My Current Set up is: Canon R Full Frame Mirrorless

                                        Canon RF 15-35mm 2.8 Lens

                                        Canon RF 24-105mm F/4

                                        Rode Video Pro Microphone

                                        Manfrotto Tripod


    What advice would you give a younger you?

    The journey begins when you take action and pursue what you love, It’s the process that brings success.


    You can follow Jorge on instagram @BustABeatGeorge and on Youtube bustabeatgeorge  ! Make sure to check out the video he created on Rago Fabrication! 





    Lower Control Arm Skids

    Lower Control Arm Skids

    Lower Control Arm Skids

    What are Lower Control Arms? Lower control Arm (LCA) is a suspension link that joins the cars frame to the steering knuckle. The control arm swings up and down when you hit a pothole, allowing your tires to continue moving. It is a vital component in keeping your front wheels on the ground.

    What damages a Lower Control Arm? If you are an off-roader, you are probably frequently driving on rocky terrain; Because rocky terrain does not have an even or smooth surface, your LCA will take a lot of abuse. After a while, it will wear down your LCA due to the irregular motion, causing it to be damaged. There is also the potential of hitting an object or even a deep pothole.

    A damaged Lower Control Arm can place a pretty large hole in your pocket, not to mention the headache from the difficulty of replacing them yourself. In turn, most overlanders/off roaders purchase Lower Control Arm Skids. A skid plate will protect your LCA’s from harsh weather, and those rocky trails, saving you money and your sanity in the long run.

    Where can I purchase an LCA Skid Plate?

    You can purchase them here -->

    The Rago Fabrication Lower Control Arm Skid is a bolt-on solution to protect your lower control arms from debris, rocks, and other trail damaging hazards. The skids are made from 3/16th Cold Roll Steel with welded reinforcements to provide protection from the toughest trails. Sold in Pairs and available in powder coated textured black or raw steel.

    Shock Guards

    Shock Guards

    Shock Guards

    Are shock Guards a necessity when overlanding/off-roading? Yes, absolutely. Damaging your shocks can not only be stressful, but costly to replace.

    What could possibly damage my shocks? Your shocks can be damaged by a number of things but let’s start with the few main reasons.

    Potholes- Or large rocks, can damage your shocks significantly, causing them to break, or for your vehicle to rebound more often.

    Dirt Roads- We all know we LOVE Dirt Roads, because who doesn’t love drifting around those corners? Although dirt roads can be fun, they also generate a ton of dust and sand. Once the dust gets into your seals of your shocks, the fluid will start to leak out.

    Mud- Ah, one of our favorites. Donuts are still a thing, right? Mudding frequently can cause build up, getting into the inner components of your shocks. This damages seals, causes leaks, and diminishes the ability for them to absorb the impact.

    I love overlanding, but it seems like I can’t go anywhere without damaging my shocks, is there a better solution than staying off the roads? You can extend the life of your shocks by avoiding these conditions, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen. Shock Guards are a must when it comes to overlanding. Shock Guards can withstand the toughest trails, and they protect the exposed part of the shock, making overlanding and off-roading in your favorite areas a dream come true.

    Where do I purchase shock guards?

    You can purchase shock guards here-->

    Rago Fabrication Shock Guards

    The Rago Fabrication Shock Guards were designed to keep your shocks safe and free of damage. The rugged angular design creates a guard that can withstand the most demanding trails. In addition to protecting the most exposed part of the shock, the guard also extends to protect the shock shaft from pits and abuse, extending shock life from leaks and tears of the shock shaft seal. Our design also includes a drain hole placed at the lowest point of the guard to prevent lingering of water during water crossings.