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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    5th Gen 4runner rear shock guards

    Another piece to my armory. Very well made with perfect fitment and a breeze to install
    This is a must have piece!

    Heavy Duty Insurance!

    Just like they say, lower shock guards. These are super strong, love the drain hole, and protects from busting the bottom eyelet on the rear shocks from rocks and everything else. The powder coating is excellent finish, the welds are clean and solid, not sure what else you could ask for. Another great product, Thank you Rago!

    Easy install great protection!

    After some extensive research I decided to go with Rago Fabrication. I am extremely happy with the look and quality of these lower shock guards.
    Super easy install and I would highly recommend. Look forward to installing more of their products on my rig.

    Made In USA-Top Quality

    The title says it all. As with every RAGO fabrication that I have purchased, these shock guards are indeed TOP QUALITY! The fit was perfect because of RAGO's consistent attention to detail. And these are very rugged, not some flimsy sheet metal just for show. These shock guards are decisive protection for your suspension.

    Great protection for RadFlo 2.5" shocks.

    These are sturdy and fit nice with the RadFlo long travel shocks. I have ordered shock boots. The boots will attach to the shock body and drop down into the Rago guards. I'm going to cut slots in the bottom of the boots for drainage and cut slots along the back of the boots so I can flush them out with a hose. In The Arizona climate this should provide long term total protection for the expensive shocks.