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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      C K (Broken Arrow, OK)

      Product looks great, installation was not super easy, but taking your time it goes smoothly.

      One improvement for me would be providing a slightly larger washer for the bolt. But everything provided works.

      My truck is a 2005 Frontier and I had to trim a small plastic piece away from the hinge. But it's not noticeable.

      John Rago (West Covina, CA)
      Solid Bracket

      A solid bracket for my 2015 Nissan Xterra. Love how it close to the pillar and windshield so it will not obstruct my view. It was easy to install. Hardest part was to pull the fender slightly to unscrew the bolt where the bracket will be place.

      Robert Rowe (Denver, CO)
      Super easy

      Very well made brackets, extremely easy to install. My only recommendation would be stamping them with a Driver/Passenger marking

      Clayton Hansen (Denver, CO)
      Great quality

      Install was very easy and hand tools are the only thing required. The fitment is very tight and the only adjustment is to maybe trim the plastic windshield cowl a little, I didn't need to since mine could be moved out of the way enough. Great product and it keeps the ditch lights nice and tight to the A-pillars.

      RYAN MULLE (Dayton, OH)
      Please read

      The description is accurate, and they are super durable and great product. However, they do not have a specific video for Xterra installation. It's easy but a basic picture would have helped. You will need to umbolt 10mm bolts on the fender to get it in behind the hood bracket. Two near the hood and one inside the door hinde area. I used a socket wrench to full the fender out enough to unbolt hood bolts, slide bracket in and then use the longer bolts to put all together. Adjust as needed or you will have panel gap.