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The Rago Fabrication Shackle Hangers: Why and when should I upgrade?

Navigating your way through your next suspension upgrade can be a little bit tricky. If you want your suspension to perform in the way you had always dreamed, an upgraded shackle hanger is the way to go. The most frequently asked question we get about shackle hangers are why do I need this? 

 Why do I need to put this on my Tacoma?

To answer is easy, but also kinda complicated at the same time. Simply put, the stock shackle hangers are not cutting the bill when a high performance suspension system is added to the Tacoma. 

Why is that? when you upgrade your suspension system, the new leaf springs allow the suspension to droop or (go down) more than stock,  putting more strain on the stock hangers. This can cause a multitude of problems, including breaking your shackles, shuttering rear ends, and decreasing your ride performance. 

The Rago Fabrication Shackle Hangers are the next best upgrade you can do after upgrading your suspension. With this complete factory replacement, you'll see, performance increases in your suspension cycling, improved geometry, increased droop travel and more. Made out of 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel and powder coated in a two stage Powdercoating process, this shackle is built like a tank and likely to outlast your vehicle. Included with our shackle hangers are the strongest Polyurethane Bushings on the market, allowing your leaf springs to adjust easily and give you the smoothest ride of your life. 


The Details

  • 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel
  • Larger Shackles with Poly Bushings included 
  • Grease fittings in each Shackle 
  • Comes pre assembled 
  • 2 Stage Powder Coat -Textured Black 
  • Increased Durability
  • Complete Factory Replacement
  • Professional Install Recommended
  • All Mounting Hardware Included 
  • No Welding Required 100% Bolt On. 

The Install 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Raymond Munoz (Clarksville, TN)
Best shackle hangers

Best aftermarket shackles hangers my taco rides pretty smooth, when I purchased it was backorder but it’s all good. Customer’s service were awesome. Rago Fabrication rocks!

flat_tire (Independence, KY)
Wow -awesome zero complaints

If you're on the fence -then pull the trigger. Solid design, perfection level build quality, powder coat was perfect, hope it holds up for years. Install was very painless. Hardest part was grinding off the 4 rivets that held on the factory hangers.

Bryan Hanks (Morgantown, WV)
Hd hangers are awesome

These hanger are worth every penny. Exceptionally well made. Super strong and beefy. Fit all leaf springs without having to trim. 100 percent recommend. After driving you can feel how sturdy the rear of the truck feels. No more sway.

Marc Dicandia (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Rear shackle hangers

Just finished the test drive after the install and man what a big difference at how much the ride quality in the rear has changed. You can feel the rear smoothly flexing on turns, no more Rear end jitters. Rago was more then helpful with information on how to do the install and they were not hard to get ahold of when needing to ask a question. It’s a time consuming install punching out the stock rivets but once you get past that part it gets better.

JG (Compton, CA)

While I’m sure this is a great product I have not received it yet. Upon ordering there was no info letting customers know that the item is on a 5 week backorder. I also purchased this with a set of cab mount relocation brackets which look great but when I received an email saying my order was shipped only to realize that I was only sent the relocation brackets when it arrived I was confused followed by disappointment when I had to call the company and figure out where the rest of my order was. It was only until I called was I notified about the 5 week backorder and I’d get an email once shipped. Pretty disappointing. Had I been informed before I made the purchase or when “my order” was shipped it wouldn’t have been a big deal but I felt like I was mislead. 2 stars