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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    LCA - Toyota Sequoia

    I ordered the LCA skid plate for the 2021 Toyota Tundra in hope that it would fit my 2021 Toyota Sequoia. It fit perfect except for the sway bar notch. In had to take 1in off the sway bar cut out and it works perfectly!! Love your products Rago!! I love the workmanship and quality of you products!! Maybe you could come out with OFFRoad items for the Gen 2 Sequoia!!! Craig

    Nice skids! Took some modification to work with my BDS lift sway bar end links.

    Well made, well packaged, quick delivery and thx for the Black Friday sale. No fault of Rago as I didn't ask and didn't think about my BDS lift sway bar end links not permitting fitment of these until yeah well they didn't fit lol. So after admiring the workmanship of the Rago people who know how to fabricate things and reading their disclaimer about not modifying stuff, I got out a hole saw, cutting oil, patience and a grinder and such. Driver's side I did so so on but I nailed the cut for the passenger side. Helps to have a buddy cheer you on while spraying some sparks and then help put them on and would've helped more if said buddy had a plasma cutter.

    Great added level of protection

    These control arm guards are very nice quality and fit with minimal trimming of the pro skid plate. I’m very happy with the added protection and extra security for going off-road. Can’t wait to get the rest of the skids

    Top shelf product!!

    Top shelf, functional, durable, well-fitting. Must have addition to your armor.

    Great Product and Easy Install

    I was headed to Colorado for some off-roading. I was starting to get nervous about having the control arms exposed to the rocks. A quick bit of math says that lower control arm skids are a much cheaper item to bash (and easier to replace) than the factory control arms. I picked the powder coated steel version up from the shop on my way out to CO. I installed during a stop on the way up. I was happy to see that they were thoughtfully designed, very well made and seemed like they would take plenty of hits. It was the perfect solution. 3 carriage bolts attach each side to the LCA. One wrench (although it is SAE instead of Metric) got the job done in 5 minutes a side.

    Pros - Easy install, good protection, way cheaper to fix or replace than a factory LCA.

    Cons - Now I have to carry an extra SAE wrench in my Metric tool-kit ;-) Nothing else I can say in the Cons category.

    If you want extra protection for the LCA, bolt heads and ball-joints, jump on this! I opted for black powder coated but you can get them raw and do your own bling.