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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews

      Went from a Tacomapocalypse, to RCI, And swiped this up in the group buy and couldn't be happier (except if it was offered in a full height hahaha). Love the modularity, anything you want to mount you can just have to think about it a little.

      Amazing and worth it!

      Finally received my bed rack and it is exactly what I was needing. We do a lot of camping and this has allowed us to pack much more effectively while using the top of the rack for multiple purposes. If you are on the fence about getting this rack, get it!

      One Tough Bed Rack!

      I’m one of those persons who spends lots of time accessing the quality of a product before I decide to purchase. So after reviewing most of the bed racks available, I decided to go with the Rago bed rack, which I’m glad I did.

      I actually drove down to the shop from Dallas to pick up and self-install the rack since I was on my way to Bend, OR. The folks at Rago were both welcoming and supportive. Jesus assisted in getting me started on assembling the rack. Thank you again!

      Well, after driving over 4800 miles in 10 states within 11 days over different types of terrain, I would say that this is one tough, well designed bed rack. Along the way, I had several off-road enthusiasts ask me about the bed rack wondering who the manufacturer was.

      3 Months and Counting

      I have my root top tent on the rack all day everyday on freeways and offroad. This rack is awesome so many ways to customize and options up the wazoo. The picture below is my Oregon trip.

      Had to update

      Seriously I was sup
      Impressed with this rack. Value for the cost is insane. Mounted a road shower and some other stuff and it did awesome on my camping trip.