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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Dave (Shelburne, VT)
      Great Product

      Super happy with my new "3rd Gen Tacoma Endeavor Rear Window Modular Storage Panel". Product is solid, nicely manufactured, and was "relatively" easy to install.

      R yates (Phoenix, AZ)
      Great product!

      Product was received in excellent condition as always, the time that is taking in packing is greatly appreciated, you know it will be in perfect condition, the install went well ,except for the overhead mounts did take some time to get bolts started, works perfect, love the fact I was able mount all the stuff that was on the floor, now I have more storage space, great product, excellent as always, another great mod!

      David Sabrowski
      Perfect fit!

      I needed a center window screen so one of my dogs didn't jump in the cab from the bed. This is perfect for me. Surprisingly solid even though its only mounted on plastic on the lower mounts. Amazing product.

      I wish they offered black hardware, even if it was at an increased cost. Im probably also going to get thumb screws for the center piece since I have the manual window and its kinda tough to open with the panel in there.

      Tom (Martinez, CA)
      Looks awesome!

      Picked this up because I was planning to do a rear seat delete for my 3rd gen Tacoma and the molle panel on TW isn’t made any longer, that I know of at least. This is a great an unexpected alternative! Should mate up to the back wall easily, otherwise mounted to ceiling just fine replacing the useless manufacturer hooks and looks great!

      Joshua B. (Ware, MA)
      Works for Second Gen

      With a little bracket manipulation, and some dexterity with the upper clips, you can make this work for your second gen. I'm very happy with this. I have a sliding window and can still manipulate it with the panel in place.