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The Rago Fabrication Toyota Tundra Bed Channel Stiffeners solve a known problem that Tundra's acquire over time. If you have a camper shell, bed rack, or use your Tundra to off-road frequently, the rear sheet metal channels are known to crack overtime because of added stress and weight to the vehicle.

Rago Fabrication designed Bed Channel Stiffeners out 3/16" Steel for extreme strength and durability. Our brackets mount on the bottom existing bolt holes and to the side of the bed with 3 - 1/2" bolts which requires drilling. The brackets will come powder coated black for durability. The installation is easily completed within a half an hour.

The Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from 3/16" Steel
  • Powder coated Textured Black
  • Some Drilling is Required
  • Sold as pair- left and right side

The Install

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Andy (Anaheim, CA)
Extremely Sturdy

These brackets are super durable, Rago never disappoints. Would highly recommend it!

Earl Koepsel (Fort Worth, TX)
Better than Factory

Are you tired of having cracked bed panels?
Are you tired of other products not being compatible with your Decked Drawer System?
Do you love products that are made in the US of A by hard working Texans?
The Bed Channel Stiffeners made by Rago Fab checks all these boxes and more!!!

Mike H (Wilmington, OH)
Amazing quality

Very high quality well made bed stiffners with everything needed for install. Amazing customer service.

Dan McClure (Ronan, MT)
Top quality

The best quality products I have purchased. Everything ive purchased from Rago has never let my down. More item coming for sure for my Tundra build. I would definitely recommend Rago Fab to anyone wanting top quality products.

Rory (San Diego, CA)
Here we go again!!

Ok. So, I am writing ANOTHER Rago review. Not because I want to, but because I feel compelled to!
Here’s why.
I got the bed channel stiffeners after a rough desert weekend. Turns out they’re a necessity. Who knew! I had to ratchet strap my bed sides back into alignment before installing these stiffeners. Don’t do what I did. Get them first. Then bash your truck.
Anywho, install! Warning: a lot of drilling required! But, once again, follow the install instruction video and you can’t go wrong! After about 2 hours of fiddling around with tools and braces, dropping things into small places, losing a washer and almost losing a mounting plate (dropped it. Had to fish it out) and voila! It’s done! Aaaaand away with the ratchet strap! These braces hold my bed sides in place. Adds a nice sense of structural integrity and looks sexy AF.
This Tundra TRD PRO spends a lot of time going too fast over rough terrain and big whoops. I’m confident these will hold up.
The only thing I’d change would be to add a bottle opener to the brace. Just cut it into that bad boy! That would be rad 😉

Once again, I am a happy Rago customer. I’ve done dash plates, light mounts, molle bed panels, tool mounts and something else that I can’t remember. Please reference the beer opener recommendation. I have an excuse for my poor memory. Clearly.
Every Rago product I buy impresses me. Every time. My Tundra is slowly becoming more Rago than Toyota. And I like it!