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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Ryan H. (Flagstaff, AZ)

      I'm pretty sure these low profile ditch light mounts are an approved place to use my hi/lo jack if I get stuck up to my hood. Not really, but they are bomber. I took them to my niece's sixth birthday party, and, except for the fact that they are not pick, she thought they were an excellent investment.

      The instant you turn on the squadron lights, your circadian rhythms will be disrupted. Night turns into to day, up is down, the snozzberries won't taste like snozzberries. You will come back from "night time rock crawling" (you won't know it's night) severely jet lagged.

      All kidding aside, this combo is a tremendous value and both are extraordinary. I am really happy with this purchase

      GRANT (Grants Pass, OR)
      2nd Gen Tundra Ditch Mount Brackets / Squadron Sports Lights

      Brackets fit perfect on 2nd Gen Tundra. I appreciate Rago Fabrication's attention to detail as the first set I got from another company did not fit 2nd Gen as claimed.
      Baja Designs Squadron Sport ditch lights and wire harness are very good quality. Rago Fabrication's ditch light install video is a good resource for running wires through the firewall.

      George Campos
      Great price great products.

      I’ve had a great experience with this company. They put out quality and good price stuff. You get what you paid for with Rago !! Customer service is also excellent!

      Mark Santos (Corona, CA)
      Tundra ditch bracket and baja lights

      Ditch brackets are nice made and fit like a glove. The baja squadron sports are nice and bright.

      Adam (Brunswick, ME)
      Awesome Mounts and Super Bright!

      The mounts fit my Tudra perfectly, the finish is nice, and the mounts are wicked solid. No vibration on washboard and they have held up great to tree limbs. Awesome products from Rago and Baja Designs!