The Aqua Tank - 5th Gen 4Runner Washer Fluid Reservoir Replacement


  • Holds 2 liters of washer fluid
  • Uses factory pump and connections
  • Made from Aerospace Aluminum
  • Sealed and pressure tested

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The Aqua Tank is a full washer fluid reservoir replacement that mounts snugly behind the grille of your 4Runner - Made out of 100% aluminum and tig welded for years of service. This system uses factory pumps and connections that have been sealed and pressure tested for optimum use. This product also features a Billet Aluminum threaded cap, fabricated right here in the USA. The install is extremely simple, and takes about 10 minutes start to finish. 

The Aqua Tank was designed to solve a common problem amongst Toyota 4Runner owners. After upgrading your tires and bumper, your plastic factory washer fluid tank is now exposed and prone to damage on the trails - not to mention it doesn't allow for optimum tire clearance when stuffing those big 35-inch tires under the fender. 


  • Fitment is for 2014-2023 5th Gen 4Runner ONLY
  • Holds 2 liters of washer fluid
  • Uses factory pump and connections
  • Made from Aerospace Aluminum
  • Sealed and pressure tested
  • Relocates behind grille
  • Billet Aluminum threaded cap
  • Allows for additional tire clearance
  • Replaces plastic factory washer fluid tank

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Disclaimer: Not all bumpers and situations are the same. Slight bending of the power steering cooler line might be necessary but not in all cases. Due to different applications some modifications might be necessary to aftermarket add-ons beyond our control.


Uses Factory Pump Connections & Hardware

Allows for improved tire clearance

holds 2L of washer fluid

Sealed & Pressure Tested

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Scott Hoffman (Toms River, NJ)
Great Fit

Fits perfect. Installed in less than 2 hours

Nick Gaudette
Great product just didn’t work for me

This piece is very very well made. Welds are beautiful. Want so bad for it to work, but with my CBI full width bumper I was unable to make it fit. Someone with some brains would probably be able to fab up a replacement mount for it but unfortunately for me I have little kids that require attention over my 4Runner

Bret Cerini (Hemet, CA)
Rago Washer Tank Installation on a 2020 Toyota 4Runner

First of all the tank that I received was of a very good quality and well designed for the 4Runner application. We did paint it black so it would ascetically fit in with the vehicle's appearance. The online installation video was very helpful, but was a little more involved on our 2020 4Runner due to all of our original body inner fender, bumper and related trim still being in place. (We are installing the washer relocation tank in preparation to installing a new aftermarket front bumper) Once the new washer tank was bolted in, the factory pumps went in just as the video showed and no leaks.
As far as drilling the hole in the top plastic cover that covers the area between the front grill and the radiator. I used some green painters tape to temporarily attach a roofing nail (sharp pointed end sticking up) to the center of the washer fluid filler cap. I then placed the plastic cover in the proper mounting location. I then used a rubber mallet to lightly tap the area where the tank/roofing nail were located. This make a indent transfer make exactly where the center of the filler cap is located (no guessing). I then used a 3 1/2 inch hole saw to cut the opening for the washer tank filler cap (like the video showed) and then cleaned up/finished the hole with some sand paper. Simple and clean.

Michael Lindsey (Lenexa, KS)
Fitment w/SSO slimline bumper

I have a lot of Rago gear, and really liked the idea of the Aqua Tank. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a review at the time of purchase stating that it would fit my set up. I wanted to leave a review with the following info for those that may have similar mods:

- First, this thing is extremely well made
- This is installed on a 2018 ORP w/KDSS
- It fit with my SSO slimline bumper with the stage 2 high clearance option (purchased before the “versa” or “hybrid” naming existed)
- I have a Smittybilt XRC 9.5K GEN3 Winch
- I did have to remove the passenger side SSO stage 2 high clearance to install the Aqua Tank, but this might not be necessary if the install is done with two people and one of those people has a long reach/small hands.

Hope this helps others, and I’m happy with the upgrade.

Kyle Jones (City of Saint Peters, MO)
Perfect Addition

Bought one to get rid of some rubbing. Fits perfectly and was pretty easy to install. Looks almost like it should have been there from the factory. Super sturdy. Painted mine black for the “stealth look” so it’s barely noticeable, but still love it!

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