2010-2023 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Secondary Battery Box


  • Rust-Free Stainless Steel
  • Ability to Mount the ARB Differential Axle Breather Kit
  • Includes a Mounting Plate for Automatic Charging Relays
  • Zip-Tie Slots For Clean & Secure Mounting of Cables

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Whether you are running dual batteries to power your overland accessories or using it as a back up to your main battery, you're going to want to keep that battery safe at all costs. Our 4Runner Secondary Battery Box is made from strong, rust-free stainless steel, and offers protection on all sides of your Group 34 or 35 battery. TIG-welded for a precise, snug fit, you can be sure your battery will be virtually unmovable. Integrated into this design are mounting points for the ARB Differential Axle Breather Kit, Blue Sea System or Red Arc automatic charging relay, and includes zip tie slots for clean and secure mounting of your battery cables.


  • Rust-Free Stainless Steel
  • Easy Install
  • All Hardware Included
  • Ability to Mount the ARB Differential Axle Breather Kit
  • Includes a Mounting Plate for Automatic Charging Relays
  • Zip-Tie Slots For Clean & Secure Mounting of Cables


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Fits MOST Group 34, 35 batteries. Tested with Odyssey Group 34, 35 batteries. If you are unsure of fit reference the dimensions of the group 34, 35 Odyssey batteries off their website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jason Monhollen
Great box

Fitment was spot on!! Top notch quality…. Rago hit it on the head again.

Thanks so much Jason!! We appreciate the feedback.

Kevin M (Zephyrhills, FL)
Solid box and stainless with perfect fitment

As an owner of a cnc machine shop and fab I was impress with this . For 1 it’s stainless steel many shops use cheap metal and then powder coat but as time goes parts will rust . This fit right were it was supposed to . I used a yellow top optima AGM battery biggest that would fit and a $99 Battery Doctor 150 amp isolator / charger all from Amazon . I did drill new holes to more bracket over some . I wanted to keep logo but I always wanted a clean look so we mounted battery doctor on top instead of on side . The cylinder head is right there on side . We installed a ARB diff breather and it fit perfect . Good job and price is fair .

Stewart R (Jacksonville, AR)
Awesome Auxiliary Battery Box

I bought Rago Second Battery Box for my 2021 Runner back in beginning of June & installed it. The install was a touch difficult at first doing like he does in the video with air box out way easier. I had to elongate the 3 upper holes of top bracket for the Interstate Group 34 Battery. I also did see in another review where he did all the nuts to outside of the box to make dropping the battery in easier. I also did them in the same way & definitely a big help. I did spay the top bracket Black with a heat resistant paint I picked up at Lowes or Home Depot. Plus by spraying it help hide my work on the upper 3 holes.

Let just say you can’t go wrong with any of Rago products!!!

Amy Davenport (Longmont, CO)
Fit my 2018 4Runner just as represented.

Fine component, well made, happy with my purchase. At first when I worked with it I thought it didn't fit, but after taking one final look before asking for help, I realized I was overlooking something, and then it fit great. Would prefer it to be powder coated - or at least an option to pay more for powder coating. I painted it and then tried some Plasti-dip - we'll see how it holds up. I'm not using mine for a battery, but as a tray to hold a fire resistant case with some accessories for the ARB air compressor I installed on the other side, and maybe a few small tools, gloves, etc. Again, we'll see how it holds up in the heat in there. Also, I received two extra pieces that aren't addressed in the instructional video or anywhere else I could find. I sent pics to customer service and asked about them and was told that they are "a plate that can hold a red arc charging relay or ARB Differential Breather kit." But I thought those were different pieces and were addressed in the video. These two extra parts are not addressed at all. Not a big deal, especially for me because I'm not using the item for any of those things, it's just an accessory tray for me, but just thought you all should know that there are two parts not being addressed in what is otherwise a really good instructional video. Unless I just missed it, but I watched it so many times. The videos are very much appreciated!!

T. (Greenbrier, AR)
Great Product

Worked great, instructions could be better and video was helpful but not great. Product itself is awesome!

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