Brand Rep

Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand rep for Rago Fabrication. 

So I am sure you are here wanting free products BUT Rago wants to make sure you are a good candidate to represent our company. We also need to make sure that our relationship works for us both. We stopped having one way relationships ages ago.

After many, many, many, requests for free products and discounts, the BRAND REP program is being launched.

So, do you have what it takes???

  • Honest and Humble
    • No one wants to work with a jerk!
  • Friends, Followers, and Family
    • Social media is HUGE and the number one free marketing tool available. You must have a network of people that you will be able to showcase the products to. Don't fall for those cheap like for likes or follow for follow apps, Rago has already been there done that. We do not want to work with someone that is misrepresenting themselves. 
  • Eye on the Prize
    • In this case, the eye will be on our products. You must own a camera with the talent to take quality photos. So if you are using Aunt Bessie's old flip phone, apply when you arrive in the 20th century.
  • Wanderer, Adventurer, Lost, Roamer, and possible Rover 
    • You must be out and about to be able to actually use the Rago products. So if you enjoy long weekends binging on Netflix and XBox 360, need not apply.
  • Must have a Rago Fabrication product installed.
    • Can't represent something you do not have. So to break it down Barney style... YOU MUST HAVE RAGO PRODUCTS INSTALLED ON YOUR VEHICLE TO BE CONSIDERED, unless of course we asked you. Then disregard this whole section. 
  • You must be enthusiastic about Rago
    • If you don't love our products, you are not going to be a good spokesperson
  • Got this far?
    • GREAT. That means you a) know how to read, b) you actually are interested in more than just some free products, and c) you have a decent sense of humor since you did not exit out of disgust at my satire approach. Please know we are a small company and these offers are very limited but we appreciate your interest.
What is in it for you?
- Exclusive Contests
- Receive a 10% Discount code on Rago Fabrication products for yourself and friends.
- Opportunities to test and provide feedback on new products 
Upon Acceptance, new Brand Reps will be given an EXCLUSIVE coupon code, t-shirt, sticker, and a link to agree to the Brand Reps Terms and Conditions.
So if you have what it takes...

Upload two of your favorite photos of your vehicle that are showcasing Rago Fabrication products.


* 10 percent coupon code should NEVER be spammed on forums. For instance, do not create posts on forums or groups urging potential customers to use the code. Do not solicit codes to potential customers already working with a Rago directly, a Rago authorized re-seller or another rep
** Waived at Company Discretion 
Brand Reps are not employees of Rago Fabrication nor are they provided monetary compensation. The Brand Rep relationship can be terminated at any time for any reason by either party.
Reason for termination include but not limited to the following:
- Promoting or purchasing a competitors product during your brand ambassador term. 
- Unlawful, unfavorable, and unprofessionalism that is harmful to the company or reflects on the company
- Selling donated and/or test products without permission of Rago Fabrication. In the event the Brand Rep no longer needs items donated, they must be returned.