Install Videos


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Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority (it actually is second to making kick ass products). With that being said, we will do everything we can to make sure the install  process goes as smoothly as possible with the least amount of hiccups.  
A couple key points to remember when installing your products:

  • Get a friend to help with the installation process. An extra hand is very helpful.
  • Make sure you watch the install video for your product from start to finish.
  • Please be patient. When you rush, mistakes happen.
  • Do not be nervous! The brackets will fit as promised or we will replace them. 
  • Do not alter your vehicle in any way to make the brackets "work". Each bracket is designed to be installed as promised. 

 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Hidden Bumper Bracket Install

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma CB Antenna Mounts

Toyota 4Runner and GX Factory Rail Canopy Mounts

2010-2017 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Antenna Mount

2012-2015 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma Fog Pod Replacements

 Tacoma Relay Holder Install

5th Gen MSP Install

2nd Gen Tacoma Ditch Brackets Install

 2nd Gen Tacoma Hidden Bumper Brackets Install


Wiring Instructions for Ditch Pods and Roof LED Bar


 Fabrication Ditch Brackets (Some Models May Vary Slightly)

Install Instructions for the 1995-2004 1st Tacoma 42" Curved Brackets

Install Instructions for 1996-2002  3rd Generation 4Runner Ditch Brackets

Install Instructions for a Hidden Bumper Brackets (Some Models May Vary Slightly)

Install Instructions for the 2014-2016 Toyota Tundra Hidden Bumper Brackets

 Install Instructions for 52" Roof Brackets (Some Models May Vary Slightly)

Wiring Instructions (Some Models May Vary Slightly)

Install Instructions for the Rago Fabrication Universal Relay Mount

Reduce/Eliminate Wind Noise from LED Roof Bar


Rago Toyota Bed Rail Flag Pole Holder Installation

Rago Universal Flag Pole Holder Installation

2nd Gen Chevy Colorado Fog Pod Replacements


 Install Instructions for the 2014-2018 Toyota 4Runner Universal LED Hidden Bumper Bracket 

Check out our YouTube Channel for more Installation Videos!