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      Customer Reviews

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      Edgar Carrillo (Rialto, CA)
      Freaking dope!

      This thing is dope! Love how looks, material is solid. It's on there good. Installation was a piece of cake. Just waiting on some ram mounts for my phone and tablet and im done! 10/10! Thank you guys

      W.B. (Las Vegas, NV)
      The bomb šŸ’£


      Shane Hayes (Orlando, FL)
      Amazing product and incredible build quality

      I am so excited to have purchased this. It was an easy install and it looks amazing in my Taco. The bridge plate is great and a must have. Build quality could not be any better.

      Christopher Snipes (Columbus, GA)
      Tacoma Center Console Modular Storage Panel

      I ordered the center console storage panels for my 2021 Tacoma. The ordering process was simple, and the emails from Rago kept me informed of the order confirmation and shipping. The product arrived within a week which is nice for a made in America production piece that isn't being mass produced in China. I opted to only order the side panels since I have the Expedition Essentials 3TPAM powered dash mount, and I didn't think I'd need another utilitarian add on going across my climate controls. The nice thing is that if I decide, in the future, that I need more mounting options then I can order the cross piece and install it without out any disassembly or trouble.

      The build quality was excellent with no visible flaws and the packaging was well done to ensure no damage during shipping. It fit well with the contour lines of the center console. I wouldn't say it looks OEM, but that's only because it's not chrome or plastic. Kidding aside, you can certainly tell that it's aftermarket, but the side panels alone are pretty low key and don't scream "look at me."

      As with other reviews, I must agree that the installation was challenging. It wasn't difficult as far as technical ability other than marking and drilling some small holes. It was challenging in so far as managing to secure the small washers and nyloc nuts on the backside of the center console plastic. The mounting location nearest the seat belt buckles was fairly easy - as was the lower bolts on the forward mounting point. The upper bolts on the forward mounting location were challenging. Thankfully, my 7 year old son (and his small 7 year old hands) were standing by to assist me. He enjoyed helping "outfit the rig" and I enjoyed the dexterity and reach of his small phalanges. Even with his help, we still sacrificed a nut somewhere under the center console, and we had a to take a trip to Lowe's for a replacement. I might be nice for Rago to throw in an extra washer and nut because the chances of one slipping into an inaccessible area are pretty good.

      Once mounted, the panels provide a secure place to mount light gear e.g., radios, a small molle pouch, or a holster for a truck pew pew. Be aware that the panels are mounted to the texture plastic with small nuts and bolts so I wouldn't go mounting anything that has a lot weight or requires any extra force to extract.

      The price is high, but it is American made overlanding gear so I get it. You do get what you pay for, and the price wasn't an issue for me. I did place another order with Rago for some ditch light brackets, but I was lucky enough to get some sold as blemished/discontinued for a discount.

      I've included a photo of the passenger side with my Midland MXT275 GMRS radio which is hard wired.

      Brandon Rupe (Corpus Christi, TX)

      The bridge holds up nicely, very firm. Im currently in the process of getting all my gear mounted, but very satisfied so far.