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We're not sure why the factory hood wasn't designed with a light for the engine bay, however, it doesn't matter because we designed a fantastic solution!

The Rago Fabrication Tacoma Hood Light Bracket is essential when you're stuck on those dark & risky trails. This bracket is strategically designed with angles that deliver lighting to those hard to reach and awkward locations. There's no need to have someone aimlessly standing by with a flash light when the Baja Design Rock Lights continuously light up your engine bay. 

Your rig will be the life of the party! Depending on your lighting needs, you have the option to mount 1 to 4 Rock Lights. With the various colors available you will be able to post up and show off your rig better than ever!

We always offer the BEST price on lighting! Email info@ragofabrication.com to save on Baja Designs Rock Lights. Check out your Rock Light options here

The Details

  • Fits Both 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • Drilling Required
  • 1/4 X 20 Rivet Gun Required for Install
  • Quick & Easy Install (Install Video Coming Soon!!)
  • 1-4 Mounting Locations for Baja Design's Rock Lights
  • Angled Bracket for Ample Lighting Throughout Engine Bay
  • Adds a Creative & Custom Glow
  • Cut From 14G Steel and CNC Bent
  • Does NOT fit some TRD versions - Email us for fitment concerns

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
TROY FISCHER (Springfield, OH)

Awesome hood light. Plenty of light to overhaul the engine if u had too lol

Victor R. (El Paso, TX)
Nice Hood Light Bracket

The product looks nice for my 2022 Toyota Tacoma SR5. A bit on the high side price wise. Now I only have to purchase the pricey lights to go with it (https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/rock-lights-1). I took off one star for the drilling requirement. The bracket matches the OEM holes in the hood, so the rivets and bracket design should have just used the same size hole rather than having customer drill a bigger hole. Otherwise, the Tacoma Hood Light Bracket looks great in the spot designed. Took of another star for have to buy a riveter.

H. (Albuquerque, NM)
Not for all 2nd Gen and upside down for those it does fit

The good
It's nice to have a hood light. The one mounting surface that ends up level is the most useful. It's also what separates this bracket from just screwing some lights directly to your hood. The other three that are along the same plane as the hood, light up the bumper and the ground in front. Handy for a winch maybe, but I only used one light of three spots for that.
I also opted for the "dome" rock lights, so there is a button on the lights to specifically turn them on when I need them when it's dark. I don't need them on during the day just because I have the hood up. Then I installed a hood pin ground to always turn them off.

The bad
The title says 2nd Gen Tacoma, however that's not entirely what you might assume.
I can verify it will NOT fit on a standard hood 2006 Tacoma, I'd assume that to be true for the entire half-gen 2005-2011. On a 2015 hood-scoop hood (2012-2015), it will fit, but you either need to install it so low it's not very useful or you have to flip it around and upside down so the level light bracket sticks out toward you and the motor when it's closed. I removed the hood scoop while mocking it up to make sure it had clearance where I was going to drill and put the rivet nuts.
So I would guess that a 2012-2015 standard hood would also not fit and a 2005-2011 hood scoop hood would have a chance with some creativity.
I'd re-title this as 2nd Gen Hood Light Bracket for hoods with scoops.

Giorgio T. (Downey, CA)
Wish I had this sooner.

Well designed and perfect accessing the engine bay in the dark. Mounted with 2 BD rock lights and a dual leg harness to add another set in the future.

Kennerh Ige (Honolulu, HI)
Tacoma hood light bracket

Love the product! Takes away all the guess work from fabricating a bracket.
Do you sell the lights that you have on the bracket? I'm interested. Thanks