Treaty Oak R.A.R.E Dillo Hide 3/8" Soft Shackle - Pair

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2- 3/8" soft shackle: 
Working Load 8,700 lbs 
Tensile Strength 43,500 lbs

In addition to the light weight, strong, and versatile soft shackle, R.A.R.E went a step further, and run the Dillo Hide abrasion guard along the length of the shackle. This braided polyester jacket protects the Plasma fiber from sharp edges, rocks, and other debris to maintain its strength. In addition to the jacket, the entire shackle is coated in a unique fiber lock coating, which further protects the fibers from UV, water, and abrasion. Then they are tagged with the size, weight rating, and serial number.

R.A.R.E shackles are made of US made, Cortland Plasma 12 strand rope, which is then built, coated, and tested at the ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility in Houston Texas. 100% made in the USA.