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      Customer Reviews

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      Highly Recommend both the Pro and Sport, Looks Cool, great flexibility when used with SwitchPro

      First off, RAGO and Nicole have been phenomenal to work with.

      I have no comparative experience between this product and other brands or types of auxilliary lights. I purchased auxiliary lighting because the lights on my 4th Gen 4R are sub-par especially when combined with my older eyes. (I have also purchased from Rago Fab Squadron Pro spots, and S2 Sport area lights - they are all great).

      I have used the Squadron wide cornering in Amber (have not tried out the clear lenses) and I have used them in both the "Sport" and "Pro" version. They do what they are supposed to do with the side benefit of looking cool. Either version is a good choice for a wide cornering function in forested / not high speed areas.

      Mine are set up with the Rago hood brackets and that works well for me. Hood reflection is minimal and I think they look cool (4th Gen 4R LTD with OEM hood deflector).

      I did start with the Sport and switched to the Pro. Not because the Sport were not good enough. The Sports were GREAT for a close in wide cornering / ditch type application. Phenomenal even.

      I initially purchased the Sport thinking that for a "close in" application they would generate enough light for the range I had in mind at speeds below 30 mph. Also, I intended to use them occasionally as camp area lighting so I did not want them to be brighter than necessary for their primary use - cornering. Being sensible on cost also mattered - why spend more on the Pro if the Sport will get the job done? Those were my initial thoughts. I discovered that the Sport WILL get the job done.

      However, shortly after ordering the Squadron Sport Wide Cornering I also decided to order and install a switch pro from Rago Fab. To my surprise and appreciation I discovered that the Switch Pro provided the option to dim my lighting. Since I could then dim bright lights I could upgrade the brightness of my wide cornering lights from "Sport" to "Pro" and dim them down for camp use. Secondly, I discovered that the Sport were SO GOOD that I could actually use them as driving lights on backroads and I could get pretty good visibility into the trees or sage brush on the sides of the roads (I live in WA state).

      That led me to the tortuous rationalization "if the Sport Wide Cornering can be used as driving lights, imagine how much better they might be as driving lights in the Pro version" and "if I no longer need to worry about blinding folks around camp when using my wide cornering as work/area lights, I might as well upgrade to the PRO's because I can dim them to levels even lower than the Sport's brightness when desired". And "wow, I can really see into the forest/sage on the side of the road, with these Sports, wonder how much better that would be with the Pro's." But the main thing was just getting "even better" forward throw with the Pro's while still being able to dim them lower than the Sports for camp use.

      Were the PRO's Necessary? No, they were not for my use case on the backroads because the Sport are already "that good". Nice? Heck Yes. Would I go this route again ? Yes, in my application with a Switch Pro and given the fact that I don't have bright driving lights, I would do it again. But the difference is not "night and day" (haha) and I'd be happy with either the Sport or Pro. The extra cost is material but not a deal breaker for me personally. If money is at all tight, I'd recommend the Sports and I think you'd hardly notice the difference while driving on the backroads under 30 mph.

      I figure most of the cost is not in the light, but the cost is in the many hours to install the system (I'm slow), the cost of wiring & components and the cost of the Switch Pro, etc. The incremental cost of Pro's over Sport is not dramatic in that context.