Lower Control Arm Skids

Lower Control Arm Skids

Lower Control Arm Skids

What are Lower Control Arms? Lower control Arm (LCA) is a suspension link that joins the cars frame to the steering knuckle. The control arm swings up and down when you hit a pothole, allowing your tires to continue moving. It is a vital component in keeping your front wheels on the ground.

What damages a Lower Control Arm? If you are an off-roader, you are probably frequently driving on rocky terrain; Because rocky terrain does not have an even or smooth surface, your LCA will take a lot of abuse. After a while, it will wear down your LCA due to the irregular motion, causing it to be damaged. There is also the potential of hitting an object or even a deep pothole.

A damaged Lower Control Arm can place a pretty large hole in your pocket, not to mention the headache from the difficulty of replacing them yourself. In turn, most overlanders/off roaders purchase Lower Control Arm Skids. A skid plate will protect your LCA’s from harsh weather, and those rocky trails, saving you money and your sanity in the long run.

Where can I purchase an LCA Skid Plate?

You can purchase them here --> https://www.ragofabrication.com/search?q=Lower+Control+Arm+

The Rago Fabrication Lower Control Arm Skid is a bolt-on solution to protect your lower control arms from debris, rocks, and other trail damaging hazards. The skids are made from 3/16th Cold Roll Steel with welded reinforcements to provide protection from the toughest trails. Sold in Pairs and available in powder coated textured black or raw steel.

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