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2010-2023 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner E-MSP (Exterior Molle Storage Panel)


$ 294.95


The E-MSP Panel (Exterior Modular Storage Panel) is exactly what you need for more storage and a cool new look. This multi-use panel has the same pattern as our popular Molle Panels, and allows you to mount all the killer products we make such as our Quick Fist Mounts. Not only does this panel have the same molle pattern as our original MSP panels, but also has the perfect configuration to mount RotoPax or FuelPax fuel storage systems.

This Modular Design uses our PEM technology, which means it can be easily removed to change out a multitude of accessories at any time. Unlike the industry standard that uses one suction cup at the base of the glass, our exterior panels utilize two industry-proven Ram Mounts Suction Cups for added stability and ease of replacement if needed. 

The E-MSP attaches to Rago, Sherpa, and Prinsu style roof racks. Each molle panel is made from 1/8" PNO and powder coated Hammer Black for extra durability.

* SPRING FLING SALE: only the Sherpa Variant will be discounted with code 'springfling20'*

**Not compatible with 4 Gallon Rotopax containers, must use 1 or 2 gallon.


  • Easily removable to make changes on the fly
  • Built-in mounting points for RotoPax and FuelPax storage containers
  • Includes (2) Ram Mount Suction Cups for extra stability
  • Attaches to most roof racks on the market - Including but not limited to Rago, Prinsu, Sherpa, and other similar style roof racks
  • Slots at the top for mounting shovels, axes, flashlights and much more
  • Made from 1/8" PNO
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • All Hardware Included


Maximize Exterior Cargo Space

Can hold single or double tank fluid reservoirs

mounts securely to roof rack

high-grade suction cups

  • Store extra fuel or water tanks for emergencies, or to increase your range.
  • There is ample space to attach a small or large tank to the panel.
  • These are compatible with RotoPax and other fluid reservoir brands.

High Grade Suction Cups

Ram brand suction cups create the perfect grip to ensure the panels stay fastened and rigid at the base of the glass.


Length: Minimum - 22.27", Maximum - 35.62"

Width: 3.22" - 4.06"

Height: Minimum - 18.69", Maximum - 19.31"

  • Length: Minimum - 22.27", Maximum - 35.62"
  • Width: 3.22" - 4.06"
  • Height: Minimum - 18.69", Maximum - 19.31"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
@feralwithin (Monterey Park, CA)

I really dig Rago’s molle pattern. I have the interior panels for my 5th Gen T4R. I own a Sherpa roof rack, but wasn’t crazy about their exterior panel design. When I saw Rago made ext panels for the Sherpa, I immediately bought one for the driver side. Simple install. Heavy duty, secure and turned my 4Runner into the Batmobile. Loved it so much, I purchased the passenger side the very next week.

Hey there,

Thanks for the five star review! We're glad you're loving it! :)

Brandon Nottingham (Lakewood, CA)
Awesome quality and fit

These panels are amazing. I will be getting some Rotopax to carry on one side and will most likely be moving my traction boards and some other items to the other (canopy) side. Very straight forward install and plenty of hardware included. Delivered a lot faster than I expected; so that was also a pleasant surprise!

ALLAN WONG (Garden Grove, CA)
As Nice as Expected

Finally Installed., find a way to fit into my 2014 OEM TRAIL RAIL.

Rick Flanders (St. Petersburg, FL)
4runnner Molle Panels

The molle panels are awesome! Very user friendly and give my 4runner a nice rugged looks and pairs well with the Rotopax stuff. My only negative is i wish it didn’t have ‘Rago’ stamped in the bottom of the panel, that’s all.

joel miles (Hayden, ID)
Exterior Molle panels

Well I havent put them on as yet but they sure are pretty!
Going to make the 4runner awesome-er!! lol

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