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The Toyota 5th Gen 4Runner Modular Dash Mount was designed to add amazing versatility to your 4Runner's interior. This product was designed to be low profile and blend in seamlessly with the factory design while still utilizing the clock. This mount allows you to attach multiple accessories to customize your overlanding needs. Phone holders, GPS holders, Tablet holders, & other device mounts can be attached to the top of the plate utilizing 7 holes that take standard 10/24 hardware.

Each Mount will include 2 Adjustable Accessory Mounts for both the Driver and Passenger side so you can attach a Ham Radio or any magnetic mount for your devices.

Drilling is required for mounting this product. All products are powder coated black. All mounting hardware is included. 

The Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Drilling Required for Install
  • Does NOT include 10-24 Accessory Hardware - Purchase in Drop Down options
  • Billet Aluminum Spacers
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Accessory Mounts for a Ham Radio or Magnetic Mounts which can be mounted flush with the Dash Plate or above the Dash Plate
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • Laser Cut and CNC Bent P&O Steel
  • Hand Sanded to Ensure a Even Surface
  • Designed by Rago Fabrication - Veteran Founded Business 

4Runner Dash Mounted Device Mount

4Runner Dash Device Mount

4Runner Dash Device Mount

Customer Reviews

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Alberto Osvaldo Tai (Moron, B)


Nathan Shiba (Chicago, IL)
Love the Dash Plate but PLEASE include and extra nut!

I bought the dash plate months ago but dreaded pulling apart and drilling into my new 2022 4Runner. Finally, I bit the bullet and started to pull up the center console trim, the HVAC controls and finally the head unit. It wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, but I'm Mr. Monk when it comes to wanting my truck to look pristine, so this was tough for me. When all is said and done, the unit looks great, I didn't ding the dash or the trim panels in a meaningful way, BUT, I lost one of those frigg'n round nuts. Looking for that thing (never did find it) cost me a half hour. I found another Metric nut that I brute-forced into what I believe is a SAE bolt, but all seems good. Time will tell.

PLEASE, include an extra nut with the kit. Losers (figuratively and literally) like me will love you for it!

And one piece of advice. My truck is a Limited. I screwed the shift knob back on while I had the head unit pulled so the bare shifter didn't puncture the touch screen. That would have been very bad.

Eric Funes (Baldwin Park, CA)
Great Dash Mount

Great looking product with really good fitment. When I recieved it it was missing some hardware but the people over at rago were great and had the missing hardware in my mailbox a few days later. I'm very happy with the product.

KP (Houston, TX)
tiny thing could be improved

love this new dashboard mount. however, I wish it won't block out the time and outside temperature display. maybe Rago could fix this? by either rising tiny bit of height? or clear the metal part blocking the display panel?

Sue Sunderland (Ontario, CA)

Just what I was looking for! Quality product installed just like the video! One small issue the acres were standard and the nuts were metric… on quick run to the hardware store and 80 cents later we were golden!