Baja Designs Infrared Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle Night LED Driving

Baja Designs military infrared (IR) LED lights, and Infrared (IR) Laser lights provide a high-powered covert IR light source, enhancing night vision capabilities for vehicle lighting, hunting, and security lighting applications. Our Infrared LED lights are available in both 850nm and 940nm. Through rigorous field testing and scientific grade capabilities, Baja Design infrared light sources outperform the hundreds of other infrared lights on the market. The Squadron 940nm is the exclusive light of the Polaris M-RZR and Dagor. 

High-Quality Infrared Vehicle Lights

Along with lighting up the path, our infrared LED light kits offer the highest-quality, nice wiring harnesses, and easy navigation making it the best choice for the road ahead of you. You can also rest assured knowing that your lighting application is stealthy as it offers only a faint red glow. Go secretly into the night and see without being seen with any of our vehicle infrared lighting sources.