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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
      Daniel Sheinin (Brooklyn, NY)
      Rear door cargo cage

      Forgot to update with picture of how i mounted it. That little extra room makes a difference in fitting more items. Alway happy with every item i purchased from the best shop around. 👍👍

      Cj L (Allentown, NJ)
      No more useless net

      I never used the existing GX470 cargo net as I didn’t trust that I wouldn’t lose something useful or valuable. I searched out mods online and even thought of if making something myself. Once I found the Rago cage I knew I found a winner. Install took a leisurely 45mins and most difficult item was getting the pull handles to release. Between Rago’s and other U-tube video there is plenty of info for disassembly of rear panel and cage install. I’ve just installed it and loaded with high use and fast access required items. About the only mod I may do it to paint or change bolt heads to black to match the cage and my dark grey interior.

      eddie rodriguez (Costa Mesa, CA)

      Super stoked with this purchase, this helped me organize and store so much better. This carried more than I thought it would. 10/10

      Joel Parks (Tucson, AZ)
      Much needed upgrade

      The modular cargo cage is is head and shoulders above the factory net. The fabrication and finish work are second to none!

      Kenji (Aurora, CO)
      Great product

      No more saggy net