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      Customer Reviews

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      Bob (Van Nuys, CA)
      Glad to have hope to not test

      I’ve purchase several items from Rago Fabrication. I have a 2gen taco and 5th gen 4runner. I originally bought rear guards for the 5th gen. Good thing I did. Someone to not be named didn’t torque down the shock through bolt and if I didn’t have the guard on I would have had a catastrophic rear end failure. So for that aspect these things are great. Now for the taco it will save me from the same lack of care. I have actually whacked the rear shock mount with an I didn’t see it rock so now I should glide right over it. I treat the truck like it’s a skateboard at a skatepark; not because I don’t like it, more because it is such a solid off-roader. Add some bash guards and go enjoy yourself. Thanks Rago for making me confident to do stupid things.

      joshua sherrill (Lenoir City, TN)

      Look and fit great.

      D Chaney (Tucson, AZ)
      Thumbs up

      I bought a pair of blemished guards for my 2006 TRD 4x4. Still trying to find the blemish and I figured once they get bashed, they will be “blemmed” anyways! Install was easy, just watch the install video. You will need a 17mm socket and wrench along with a 19mm socket and wrench. A Torque wrench is also a good idea for the shackle bolts.
      I took my old guy time and it took me about hour and fifteen minutes to install. Now they are the cleanest thing on my truck!