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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 48 reviews
      Lidija Misic (Lilburn, GA)
      Great product and customer service

      Money well spent, great product and amazing customer service.

      AL (Grand Prairie, TX)
      Super for organizing, fantastic quality

      I needed a way to organize and utilize space sturdily with no rattle and no concern for stuff flying around. This is great and goes quite well with the transk9 kennel. I got the shelf and sides in raw steel.

      Kyle Donofrio (Las Vegas, NV)
      5 stars for the product, 3 stars for before the product was installed

      I recently purchased both the shelf and panels and was quoted 2-6 weeks. It showed up in 8 weeks. I have no problem waiting the amount of time Iā€™m told but when that time isnā€™t met a have an issue. Although they were order at the same time the shelves showed up before the panel. Luckily I didnā€™t install the panels right away otherwise I would have wasted a lot of my time.

      I was not a fan of the bolts being different sizes and shapes for the shelf and panel. The constant switching of tools became annoying after the 3rd bolt (thereā€™s probably over 50 bolts).

      As many reviews have said their was no instructions, no item list, no extra bolts. My bottle opener piece currently isnā€™t attached because I had a bolt break and with no extra replacement I had to use the bolt that would have gone to the opener. The install video for the shelf has you go to the panel video 1st for a bit but you have to change certain things. I must have bounced back and forth from video to video a handful of times which was frustrating. A single install video would be greatly appreciated for those that buy the panel and shelf together. I also know that I could spend extra money to get the matching bolts but to me it seems foolish for them not to be uniform to begin with.


      The product is incredible! Sturdy beyond belief! MADE IN AMERICA! Which I love and Iā€™m trying to set up my rig with nothing but USA made gear. Shipping was fast and that was awesome! Despite the negative, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! I will buy more for sure. I love supporting small business and hope this company continues making quality products.

      Joseph Baker (Huntington Beach, CA)
      My 70 lb doggo LOVES Rago!

      Started w 1 panel. Worked great. But my dog kept growing! Eventually upgraded to 2 panels and maximized storage with the overhead panel as well. Now I can take my overlanding essentials, keep my tools and equip organized AND allow my travel buddy to have plenty of room to relax and enjoy the ride! Thanks Melissa. Kekoa (my boy) LOVES rago!!

      James A. (Chula Vista, CA)
      Rago Molle

      Did a lot of research on similar molle products but every time I would come back to Rago. If youā€™re in the market for molle, whatever your plans are for it, save yourself the time and money and pick up Ragos. I ordered mine powdercoated and it was flawless, the quality control impeccable. I was a bit concerned about shipping/handling because I had a poor experience on a powdercoated item from another company that arrived pretty beat up. When these arrived I was truly impressed at the way they packaged the pieces up to ensure it arrived safe and sound. Thanks again yā€™all, hope to get more of your products in the rig soon.