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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Must Have!

    Absolutely in love with the storage system. I received the side panels back in May and the top shelf for Christmas this year.The panels were easy to sand, clean and paint myself, even easier to install on my own. The shelf was still a breeze to get in but I was glad to have a helping hand! The side panels alone offered ample storage for my daily needs: dog gear, med kit, car tools, etc. But I'm excited for the additional space the shelf will provide to keep things up off the floor. I also love how easy it is to adjust my organization and customize it to my needs for whatever adventure I may be headed out on next. Thank you Rago for developing such a high-quality product!

    10/10 RECOMMEND

    Just installed the storage panel shelf and I LOVE it! I can finally put the puppers clean towels, blankets, jackets, on the shelf and not have it scattered in the back seat. The shelf is well made and wasnā€™t too difficult to install, although, I definitely recommend two people. This is also a great product to get if you want to create more storage or be organized with certain items.

    Another Quality Product

    Another top notch product from Rago. The fitment is perfect, the finish is excellent, and functionality is terrific for adding more storage in the rear. I had both the modular panels as well as the optional Baja designs dome light w/ mount, and it comes pre-drilled to relocate the light to the underside of the shelf. Everything is well laid out straight out of the box, with exception to the fact they do not advise on how much hardware is required. I had a different number of bolts, locking nuts and spacers (which I found do not fit with the bolt length).

    For measurements, the shelf on the top notch leaves ~4.5 inches of space, and ~6 inches on the second notch down (where I mounted). The additional room does result in losing 1/3 of rear view visibility, but thatā€™s a trade off I felt was worth it. Wish I added this earlier!

    Exactly what I needed

    I recently made the jump to a 4Runner from a Subaru outback. I used to have space below the rear floor for storage, now I don't. This is a 2013 SR5 with the 3rd row. I lucked out and got the car with a GooseDeck for the rear which allowed me to "delete" the 3rd row so the dog had somewhere to be. But I still needed storage space for all my junk. Enter Rago and the answer to all my needs. The window panels were a great first step, but when the shelf went on sale it really completed my set up. Now I have space for my hunting clothes/winter emergency gear and Deliah has all the space she needs to be comfortable in the back of the Runner while I'm driving.

    Pro's easy to install, great stability, powder coating beats the shit out of my paint job on the side panels, adjustable if I need to have more space

    Con's the bolts are pretty short and I ended up losing some knuckle skin, there wasn't anything advising what size allen I needed for the bolts. (minor gripes)

    100% would recommend to anyone who needs to carry stuff in their 4Runner

    Thanks Rago!

    *Dog is ~70lbs, and just a few inches shy of 3 feet tall (I think)

    Great Organizer

    I had been wanting this set up ever since I saw it. Design is well thought out and set up for all kind of uses. I bought the MSPs first and just added the MSS to complete the set up. Set up was straight forward. Make sure to read the mounting brackets orientation so the all holes match up. I did install in about an hour and half by myself. I playing where I want the shelf for my set up. Rago Fab has great customer service on any question. Highly recommend this set up.