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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews
      Richard Lescalleet (Livermore, CA)

      So other than shearing the stock M6 bolt that attaches the side molle panel to the clothes hook near the roofline, this was a pretty straight forward install. Luckily I was able to back out the sheared bolt with a pair of plyers and pick up a replacement bolt at Home Depot. As for the shelf, it's solid. I installed one level down from the highest level as I don't see how installing at the top gives much room for it to be useful. Doesn't matter though as it's height is adjustable to suit your needs. My magnetic lamps stick to it, so that's nice. Fit and finish of the shelf is top tier. Took me 3 hours to install because of that sheared bolt. If I hadn't had to go grab a replacement, it probably would have taken me 2 hours... and half of that was in the dark!

      Benjamin J. (San Jose, CA)
      Wish I did it sooner

      I ordered the Molle panels for the windows months ago but held off on the shelf because I was concerned about visibility.

      I should have done it sooner. I have it mounted at the highest level and I barely lose any visibility. It cleans up some of the little stuff that’s in the back on a daily basis, it keeps it up and out of the way, and easily accessible.

      I haven’t even gone on a trip yet and I already love it. One of my favorite mods so far!

      And as usual, the quality is fantastic.

      Evan Zimmer (Springfield, OR)

      It’s great for organizing the cargo space. 4Runners are limited on space so using it wisely helps a lot.

      Kenneth Eschette (Milwaukee, WI)

      This thing is as solid and sturdy as you can ask for. It will hold a ton of weight. And on top of that, it is very versatile and adjustable.

      Luke Garvin
      Superior Quality!

      Very well built and sturdy. Will not rattle while off roading and that’s key. Holds tons of stuff and great for an emergency kit set up in case anything goes wrong, you name it - snowstorm, breakdown, etc.

      It’s also perfect for sleeping in the back so it can grab whatever I need from the panels/shelf.

      Added an iPad holder so we can watch downloaded movies or even livestream games while tailgating.