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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Julie Lemke (Seattle, WA)

      Fit & finish are outstanding. I might have included wiring in kit as it is model specific, dimensions should be fairly standard. Overall very impressed with construction & customer service. Thank you Rago Fabrication

      Keith Komatsu (Manhattan Beach, CA)
      Quality product Alternative mounting location

      Well built battery box that fits well. Made some modifications. Added rubber trim to the edge of the battery box where wires would come across. The edge of the box are cleanly cut and as a consequence a little sharp. Second, mounted the side bracket that the Redarc DC charger mounts to on the back of the battery box using existing holes. Redarc recommends the charger not be mounted next to the engine because excessive heat will cause the charger to either shut off or reduce charging output. At least behind the box there is less direct heat from the engine. In addition, the rear mounting location allows for the brown battery to be connected to the positive terminal without needing to add wire.

      Solid Perfection

      Great product. Love the ability to mount ARB diff breather on back of the box up nice and high. Was overall easy to install. A few things would of made it quicker for me. I wished to have had more info or a diagram or a pic or an explanation in the install video about the orientation of the mounting plate for the Red Arc charger and how to get it to fit. I figured out with help from Rago but a little more info would of saved me some time on the install. Also wished there was more hardware such as the small bolts with extra nylon nuts. Would of been nice to use the extras to mount the Redarc unit but had to stop the install and run to home depot to get a few more which also took more time. All in all pretty happy with the product and have loved all products from Rago Fab.

      Hugo Daal (Charlotte, NC)
      Perfect fit

      Vwry happy with the purchase. Fast delivery and proper packaging. Very good quality

      Josh Regalado (Dallas, TX)
      Great product

      Fitment was perfect, quality is better and the order was processed and shipped fast. They also gave me some candy with my purchase. Ill be picking up so more product soon