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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      They where great....

      wish I could have used them more didn't even get to install the shelf before my 4runner burnt up.

      Wow! Just wow...

      These things are BADASS! Super impressed with the quality, and dang did they come quick! At first I was hung up on the price but honestly I got a deal! Saving up my pennies for the shelf to complete this KICKASS system. Thank you RAGO more orders to follow

      P.S. I know I put them on the wrong sidešŸ¤¦šŸ»

      Great Product!

      The modular storage panels are strong and easy to install. The only issue I had was that they are a little expensive for what seems to be a somewhat simple to make product. I am still happy to have them and feel like the money was well spent! The only issue with these is that some 4runners have 1 mounting spot up top and some have 2, and the ones with 1 will get a slight vibration on rough roads. I'm sure I can put something between to stop this so it doesn't bother me or make it any less worth it for me. Even with only one mounting spot above I hung well over 50lbs from them and they havnt had any issues yet, but I haven't left that weight on there on any serious off road conditions. So far I'm loving them!

      4th Gen 4runner storage panel

      As I have said in other reviews, excellent quality, yet lacks install instructions. Watch the Youtube video of the 5th Gen install and you can't go wrong. If you have a 4th Gen and only 1 hook to attach to up top, there is some vibration on washboard roads due to lack of mounting location in the vehicle, not much to fix that other than another hook (some 4th Gen 4runners have 2) or a stiffer heavier panel, and I think even then it may vibrate.