The Aqua Tank - Washer Fluid Reservoir

$ 274.95
$ 274.95

The Aqua Tank is a full washer fluid reservoir replacement that mounts snugly behind the grille of your 4runner - Made out of 100% aluminum and tig welded for years of service. This system uses factory pumps and connections that have been sealed and pressure tested for optimum use. This product also features a Billet Aluminum threaded cap, fabricated right here in the USA. The install is extremely simple, and takes about 10 minutes start to finish. 

The Aqua Tank was designed to solve a common problem amongst Toyota 4Runner owners. After upgrading your tires and bumper, your plastic factory washer fluid tank is now exposed and prone to damage on the trails - not to mention it doesn't allow for optimum tire clearance when stuffing those big 35-inch tires under the fender. 

Disclaimer: Not all bumpers and situations are the same. Slight bending of the power steering cooler line might be necessary but not in all cases. Due to different applications some modifications might be necessary to aftermarket add-ons beyond our control.

The Details:

  • Holds 2 liters of washer fluid
  • Uses factory pump and connections 
  • Made from Aerospace Aluminum 
  • Sealed and pressure tested
  • Relocates behind grille
  • Billet Aluminum threaded cap
  • Allows for additional tire clearance
  • Replaces factory washer fluid tank


 The Install








Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JOSE VILLA (Los Angeles, CA)
Aqua tank

Aqua tank gives you more tire clearance by relocating behind front grill.

Rovie Flores (Sacramento, CA)
Best upgrade to achieve more clearance

When I upgraded to 37’s.. one of the area the rubs the most when I’m turning left is the washer tank. Eventually it started learning! Thanks to this upgrade I am able to relocate behind the grill and it’s super easy to install. 3 bolts to removed the oem and 2 bolts to install the new one! In my opinion, it looks better as well without the washer tank hanging there. Thanks for the expedited shipping as well Team rago!

N.K. (Dallas, TX)
Great option from Rago

Great option to relocate the washer tank. Used a spray on bedliner for a black tougher finish given the location. Would buy again.