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      Customer Reviews

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      It fit perfect in the bedrail system of my tundra. It takes about 5 minutes per side to attach to rail system. I'd recommend this to anyone very well built.


      No issues. Very strong. Easy to install. You won't be disappointed.

      Works great

      Works great. The Rago is mounted to the center front bed rail behind the Tundra Crew Max cab. It flies a 4ft x 6ft heavy-duty polyester flag mounted with heavy-duty zip ties onto a 49” section of 1” pvc pipe which fits over and rotates around a 6ft length of 1/2” iron pipe. A threaded cap at the top of the iron pipe keeps the pvc mounted flag from sliding up and off the pipe and holds it trapped between the threaded top cap and the Rago holder below. The 6ft iron pipe continues below the pvc section and on through the Rago holder. The bottom of the 6 ft. iron pipe has a 1” rubber foot and rests in a hole bored into piece of 2” x 8” wood lying on the bottom if the truck bed held in place with a cargo bar for added stability against any jiggling at the bottom of the 6ft pipe (definitely optional, the iron pipe could also just simply rest on the bottom of the bed with maybe a rubber foot to keep it from scratching). The flag flies like a charm and starts waving majestically at around 28mph.
      Important note: the outside diameter of a 1/2” black iron pipe from the hardware store like we used is slightly less than 1” so it fits nicely into the Rago 1” flag holder with a little Gorilla tape wrapped around key spots on the pipe to make if fit a little snugger. A pole which is a full 1” or larger won’t fit into the Rago holder as the inside diameter of the Rago holder is approximately .99 inches.

      Great product

      this is a 2 second install, fits great and is very strong and very well made, worth every penny

      Simply amazing

      This thing is awesome! Fits perfect with no crazy mounting into the bed, very sturdy and very well built! Absolutely love it.