Top 3 Things you need to know before going off road.

Top 3 Things you need to know before going off road.

Phase 1

So, you want to take your vehicle off-roading for the first time, but you have no idea how to even start. What do you need to know, where do you go, and what is your vehicle even capable of? Most vehicles are trail ready once they leave the lot, but we all know that’s probably not the smartest thing to do. Therefore, we add these mods and upgrades that definitely help us on the rougher trails. Overlanding across the county, exploring the unknown and putting your vehicle to the test can be a life changing experience. Take it from someone who has been apart of the community for years.  Although these adventures can be thrilling, they can also be intimidating. So, fasten your seat belt, and let me take you through what you need to know.  

4X4 High vs Low- 4WD high is known for day- to-day driving that uses low traction and allows for higher top end speeds. 4WD- high is also great for keeping the momentum up for those less complicated trails. 4WD low allows your vehicles wheels to turn more slowly than they would in 4wd-high. Giving your rig just the right amount of torque that it needs for those steep climbs, extremely icy crossings, mud holes, and any deep sand you may venture past. 

Traction control- While 4X4 helps the car more forward, traction control is also a vital component you can’t overlook.  Traction Control improves your braking and handling when there is a wheel Slip. When this happens, the TC system activates the brakes, reducing the throttle and helping regain grip of your terrain. 

Terrain- Speaking of terrain, there are countless brands of tires out there to help with driving on different types of surfaces. All-terrain tires, mud tires, and rock tires are all suited to make your trip easier when you are exploring off-road. Because most of us love to explore the unknown, it can make choosing the correct tires a little more difficult. When you’re figuring out what you need, think about the similarities in the terrain you wheel on most often, to determine what would be best for your rig. 

Now that you have the knowledge on these three important vehicle topics, you are just one step closer to the beginning of an awesome adventure. Be sure to check out phase 2, Top 7 Truck Mods for Off-Roading that are a must for your next big trip. 

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