ARB Dual Compressor in the 2018 Toyota Tundra

ARB Dual Compressor in the 2018 Toyota Tundra

When we installed the ARB CKMTA12 in our GX-460 project it became abundantly clear that it is one of the most important upgrades for vehicle based adventure. The compressor does quadruple+ duty on almost every trip, taking care of bike tires, inflatable watercraft, air-up after a trail, and runs the occasional air tool.

Before I even finished signing for our 2018 Tundra I was looking for a suitable engine-bay mount for the compressor. Luckily our friends at Rago Fabrication have just the ticket, so I ordered their Tundra compressor mount. At just over $120, the all-aluminum mount comes with all the hardware required to get the compressor securely mounted. There’s even a little extra room on the mount for a switch relay or other additional fusebox.

Like most modern modifications, the mount did not include printed instructions, so I headed over to the Rago YouTube channel for the details. Their video covers installing this mount in a 4Runner, but the Tundra solution is similar enough that I was able to work it out.

The most challenging part of this install is getting the holes drilled in the inner fender for the side mounts. I used a drill bit just slightly smaller than the press-fit nuts that are then tapped into the fender. After that it was relatively easy to get the additional two brackets installed, then the compressor and fuse box mounted to the top plate.

I still have to determine if I want to run the switch into the cab. Since I always pop the hood and leave the engine running while using the compressor, I’m in no hurry to change the switch location.

We have over 2,000 miles on the truck with this setup installed and it continues to perform perfectly. The ARB Compressor + Rago Fabrication mount are the perfect pair for on-board air in your late model Tundra.

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