Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included

Dual Batteries

When my husband I first got married, we would head down to a remote location along a small river in Texas. We would camp out, and “rough” it, so to say. One day, we were roasting smores, running our portable fridge and listening to the radio. We did not intend on staying as long as we did, but my husband and I ended up FALLING ASLEEP with the fridge still running. Needless to say, when we woke up, we were stranded. Luckily, my husband had a jump box and we were able to get going fairly quickly. This would have not been the case if we had a Dual Battery System. When you’re off roading, traveling to remote areas, tailgating or just down right camping, you might need more than just one power source. Dual Battery systems can help you power multiple items, without worry of your battery crashing on you.

Pros to having a dual battery system: Being stranded because your battery lost power, just downright sucks. This is an issue of the past if you have dual battery system. Not to mention, you can jump start the vehicle yourself, run multiple accessories without needing your engine, run your radio and even link multiple batteries to power even bigger items, such as your winch.  A Dual Battery System is a long-term solution to your off-roading power needs. Once everything is installed, they stay pretty stationary, although they will need to take up some of that extra space in your vehicle.

So you’re probably wondering, what type of battery should I consider? To figure out what kind of battery fits your Dual System needs, you can read about the batteries here. To purchase the batteries, checkout the links below.


Cons of having a dual battery system: Dual Battery Systems are not optimal for everyone. Batteries are heavy and adding another could add to the overall weight of your vehicle.  If you’re not traveling very far or for very long, the dual battery system may not benefit you.

If The Dual Battery System is not for you, there are other options such as Portable Battery Boxes, which are less stationary, but keep in mind, these must be charged externally. You can check out Portable Battery Boxes here.

So the choice is yours- Do you need it or Nah?

You can get the Dual Battery Box here->

Made from strong, rust-free stainless steel, the Rago Dual Battery Box offers protection on all sides of your Group 34, 35 battery. TIG-welded for a precise, snug fit, the Battery Box is easy to install and includes all the stainless-steel hardware. 

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