Benefits Of Raw Molle Panels

Benefits Of Raw Molle Panels

Benefits Of Raw Molle Panels


Benefits of Raw Panels. We all know that raw steel products are less expensive than powder coated steel products, but why is that? Raw steel has a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for fabrication material. ·        


  • Rapidity of fabrication    
  • Robustness and durability      
  • Light weight     
  • Multiple Powder Coating Color Options

Rapidity of Fabrication 

When fabricating raw panels, we laser cut and CNC bend 1/8” cold rolled steel. By purchasing raw steel items, you cut down the lead time tremendously. Lead times for powder coated items can always vary and sometimes even be extended. After the panels are cut, they are custom bent and packaged for fast shipping.

Robustness and Durability

 Here’s a little science for you - Steel is made from an alloy, and an alloy is a mixture of metals, or a metal combined with one or two more elements. Combining iron with non-metallic carbon produces alloys called steel. Needless to say, steel is strong and less likely to warp, deform, or bend underweight, force or heat. Molle Panels are made from 1/8” PNO Steel for not only strength, but durability. 

Light Weight

 There may not be much of a noticeable difference to the unfamiliar eye, but after products are powder coated, there is a slight change in the density of the product itself. This is not saying powder coated products have anything wrong with them, but it’s the little facts that go unseen. Some of you might ask why we do not fabricate aluminum panels. Well, while aluminum is more light weight and will not rust over time, the durability and strength just isn’t there. It’s not uncommon for aluminum panels to rattle and not hold up during the more extreme trails. When you’re an avid off-roader, the last thing you need is your upgrades giving out on you. 

Multiple Powder Coating Color Options

 The sky is the limit, if you’re all about your state colors and want your panels to gleam like the state of Texas, paint them accordingly. If you want them to match the exterior of your brand-new wrap on your 4runner, then paint them just like that! The options are endless, and you can’t go wrong. Buying raw steel is something to always consider. The fact I can powder coat them in whatever color i want has me sold already! 

Bottom Line

We love powder coated and raw panels but ultimately the chose is yours, Rago raw panels are rarity amongst the off-roading community. If you seize the change to get them, get them! You never know when this anomaly will happen again.

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