Communication is K E Y

Communication is K E Y

Communication is K E Y

A CB Antenna mount is a MUST HAVE safety modification. If you’re trail riding in a remote location with limited service, a CB Radio could make all the difference in an unforeseen situation.

CB or Citizens Band radios are a method of wireless communication most known for their use by long-haul truckers. The CB radio is great for long distance communication; Whether you’re stuck out on the trails and need a winch, or you’re traveling with a pack of friends across the country.

What kind of situations would a CB Radio be used?

When someone gets separated from the group, has an accident, and needs help getting their vehicle pulled out of a tight spot, a CB Radio will help you keep in contact and reassure you help is on the way! Or maybe you also simply want to alert a driver on a shared trail that you are coming their way. These are some of the times when a CB is your most reliable means of communication.

You wanted simple mounting solutions for your antennas, and we responded with a big 10-4! With the Rago Fabrication Antenna Mount, you get the best of both worlds with our sleek yet rugged stainless-steel design. Designed to fit your vehicle flush to create a non-intrusive mount for your antenna that you will be proud to show off.

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