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Lady Owned Toyotas

Lady Owned Toyotas

After noticing that there was not a women toyota enthusiast group, Jamie, the founder of Lady Owned Toyotas opened up her company July 1st, 2019. "I had noticed there were a lot of women who owned Toyotas and there wasn’t a support group in the Toyota community for women. I, myself, wanted to find like minded women who have a passion for their Toyotas as much as I did mine. So I figured why not start an Instagram page to support women who love their builds / Toyotas. Too much surprise it took off. Within our first 6 months we had 2800 members on our Instagram and 900 female followers on our private Facebook group."

So what is the goal of having a Lady Owned Toyota Enthusiast group you may ask? "To bring women together, build friendships, encourage one another instead of putting others down... I wanted to build something where women felt confident and comfortable asking questions and sharing their builds." Jamie told us.

Jamie and the women at Lady Owned Toyotas are working on expanding their brand and community to various different states, putting on a handful events every month, and teaming up with local clubs and fundraising events. One event in particular caught the public eye, the Vegas Takeover. By collecting cases of water, they were able to reduce the thirst of Vegas' Homeless and serve the community.

The brand Lady Owned Toyotas  and Jamie are receiving a bunch of positive feedback within the community. "Oh my gosh, the amount of feedback we get on a daily basis is absolutely amazing. Women are constantly send messages thanking us for starting a group to support them and appreciate what we are doing in empowering women in the Toyota community. Every time we have an event that I have traveled too I am completely taken back by the amount of support we have and the people who have showed up. This past weekend so many people traveled to Las Vegas (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, Utah.) I am forever grateful for the support we have, definitely looking forward to what 2020 brings Lady Owned Toyotas."

Lady Owned Toyotas attributes their fast growth to their networking and surrounding positive environment. "I get a lot of questions of how we grew so fast. It honestly comes down to networking and being a positive environment for people. Working together and building this community, supporting one another and our goals/ambitions. I am forever thankful to the groups, clubs and social media platforms that have supported us since day one: Battle Born Toyotas, The Toyota Life, Tundra Tacoma, Christian Ramirez Designs, Mountain Hatch, Taco Vinyl, Bombshell Offroad, and Cal Raised Offroad. We also have a sponsorship this year with Off-road Vixens."

Visit (link below) for merchandise, event info and group info.

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