Turn Down For WATT?!

Turn Down For WATT?!

When you hear someone talk about rock lights what comes to mind? I think about those landscape rock lights you see around in back yards or pool areas. But those are not the rock lights we are here to talk about. Rock lights come in all shapes and sizes, some of the most popular lights on the market include: Baja Designs, Rigid, and KC Hilites. 

Photo By: Christopher Rubottom

Rock lights and mounts are more than what meets the eye, and sometimes product descriptions can be misleading. With the right LED lights and mount, you can add lighting just about anywhere. Rock light mounts were designed to give your vehicle additional lighting around your vehicle’s wheels. They can also help shine light over the different obstacles you may not see while venturing off the pavement.

 These lights are a great way to increase underbody lighting, leaving your vehicle to turn heads when cruising by. Off-Road enthusiasts and every day drivers are always looking for a new way to upgrade their pride and joy, and rock lights provide an endless amount of uses. To help your rig stand out amongst other rigs, we complied a list of places we think, these lights belong. You know, to help give your build that extra razzle dazzle. 💃

Rock Light Locations: 

Interior: Most vehicles lack one important thing, interior lights! Yes, dome lights are a type of interior lighting already in our vehicles, but let’s say you lose your black key fob under the seat… Can those dome lights really help you see under your seat in the dark? (I don’t think so) Adding rock lights and mounts to various places, like under your seats or on the side of the door can give your vehicle that extra beam of light.

Cargo: Searching your trunk or cab after the sun goes down is the worst. Using just one hand and your phone flashlight can become a serious hassle. Plus, it looks totally sick. 

Under hood: Although some vehicles come equipped with hood lighting, its usually pretty dull. Placing a rock light mount or hood mount bracket under your hood can help dramatically with basic vehicle maintenance like changing oils and other fluids. 

Photo By: Aaron C

Truck bed: Whether you have a bed rack or a camper shell, adding rock lights and mounts to the sides or underneath the ceiling can give your truck the perfect amount of lighting after dark. (hello night light). 

In other words: Rock lights are a simple upgrade that provide multiple benefits no matter if your build is a pavement princess, off-road crawler, boat, ATV or other recreational vehicle.  


Baja Designs Rock Light Mount $29.95


KC HiLites Cyclone Light Mount $29.95


Rigid Industries Rock Light Mount $29.95


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