Shock Guards

Shock Guards

Shock Guards

Are shock Guards a necessity when overlanding/off-roading? Yes, absolutely. Damaging your shocks can not only be stressful, but costly to replace.

What could possibly damage my shocks? Your shocks can be damaged by a number of things but let’s start with the few main reasons.

Potholes- Or large rocks, can damage your shocks significantly, causing them to break, or for your vehicle to rebound more often.

Dirt Roads- We all know we LOVE Dirt Roads, because who doesn’t love drifting around those corners? Although dirt roads can be fun, they also generate a ton of dust and sand. Once the dust gets into your seals of your shocks, the fluid will start to leak out.

Mud- Ah, one of our favorites. Donuts are still a thing, right? Mudding frequently can cause build up, getting into the inner components of your shocks. This damages seals, causes leaks, and diminishes the ability for them to absorb the impact.

I love overlanding, but it seems like I can’t go anywhere without damaging my shocks, is there a better solution than staying off the roads? You can extend the life of your shocks by avoiding these conditions, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen. Shock Guards are a must when it comes to overlanding. Shock Guards can withstand the toughest trails, and they protect the exposed part of the shock, making overlanding and off-roading in your favorite areas a dream come true.

Where do I purchase shock guards?

You can purchase shock guards here-->

Rago Fabrication Shock Guards

The Rago Fabrication Shock Guards were designed to keep your shocks safe and free of damage. The rugged angular design creates a guard that can withstand the most demanding trails. In addition to protecting the most exposed part of the shock, the guard also extends to protect the shock shaft from pits and abuse, extending shock life from leaks and tears of the shock shaft seal. Our design also includes a drain hole placed at the lowest point of the guard to prevent lingering of water during water crossings.

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