Take a trip Texas!

Take a trip Texas!

Overland Routes | The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is located near the center of the state and is bordered by grasslands, the Balcones Escarpment, and the Edwards Plateau. As you may have guessed from the name, it differs from the rest of Texas in that it actually has hills, a result of the region’s high concentration of soluble rock and natural springs. This allowed bluffs, caves, and even sinkholes to form over time, and helped to create some of the state’s most diverse and popular landscapes.

Of course, this area is separated by more than just topography; it also contains a unique blend of cultures. In addition to early native settlements and Spanish colonial influence which peaked in the 1700s, this region saw a fresh influx of immigrants from a rather unexpected source: Germany. It was all part of Adelsverein, an effort to establish a “new Germany” in Texas through mass-organized emigration. The initiative was surprisingly effective, and by 1870 as much as 86 percent of the population in this stretch of land were comprised of Germans, leaving a lasting influence...read more

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The trail begins from a rather unassuming entrance just off of Highway 71. The initial portion has unfortunately been paved, but head up yonder past the first water crossing and you’ll hear the sweet crunch of gravel beneath your tires. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you begin to pass by ranches with large Texas flags and even larger longhorns on the front lawn. Just how large you ask? Between 1,400 and 2,200 pounds apiece, with horns measuring from 4 to 10 feet tip to tip. Feel free to park and observe them for a while; just don’t stick around too long. While these cattle aren’t generally aggressive, their owners can be, and trespassers are about as welcome as an outhouse breeze....Read more




NORTH ENTRANCE: From East Highway 71 turn onto County Road 310 and head west. Follow the road through the first water crossing and continue along the GPX track.
SOUTH ENTRANCE: (Scenic Route) From Fredericksburg, head northeast on Llano Street, State Highway 16. Continue 1 mile to Lower Crabapple Road and turn left to begin the trail.
SOUTH ENTRANCE: (Direct Route) From Fredericksburg, head north on Main Street to Highway 87. Continue onto 87 North, then proceed on route.




  • SPICEWOOD, TEXAS 30°27′43.4″N, 98°09′34.7″W
  • MARBLE FALLS, TEXAS 30°34′42.2″N, 98°16′23.2″W
  • MASON, TEXAS 30°44′56.7″N, 99°14′00.5″W
  • DOSS, TEXAS 30°26′50.0″N, 99°07′48.7″W
  • FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS 30°16′31.7″N, 98°52′22.2″W

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