The Best Forum On The Planet. 🌏

The Best Forum On The Planet. 🌏



If you own a 3rd Gen Tacoma and haven’t been on you have been living in a bubble. This Forum has been trending throughout the off-roading community and is known for their positive and enthusiastic attitude.

A Co-Owner and Administrator of Tacoma3G, Andy Vasquez, is not only the coolest dude ever but also rocks the most epic handle-bar stash I have seen in person. Andy and I have run into each other at multiple shows across the country, but we never got the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation.  Andy was coming off a 24 hour shift as a firefighter over on the pacific coast and thankfully was able to do a quick interview with me. (Thank you Andy, California needs you.)

Why did you start Tacoma 3G?

My partner Tyler started Tacoma 3G because he was unhappy with the existing Tacoma and Overland communities due to their outdated designs and elitist attitudes from seasoned members and even the forum moderators. It is difficult enough getting into a new hobby without being ridiculed for asking a question you genuinely do not know the answer to.

What makes Tacoma 3G different than other forums?

We wanted to create a place where people can ask questions without judgement, and really get the help they need. We feel like everyone started somewhere and while you may have heard their question before and think the answer is really easy, everyone should have the same opportunity to learn about their truck without judgement or ridicule.

How long ago did you start the forum?

Tyler started Tacoma3G in April of 2018 and I got involved as a member a month later.  Immediately I knew Tacoma3G was something special amongst other forums and wanted to help grow the site. In January 2019 I became a forum moderator and most recently Tyler and I became full partners and Co-Owners.

Why do you think you guys are trending in the community?

The Tacoma community is growing rapidly because people now more than ever need an escape from their daily lives. Toyotas in general are an excellent choice of vehicle for those kind of adventures due to their reliable nature and robust aftermarket. To accomplish the builds that individuals want requires some research and help to get them to those escape destinations. Tacoma3G openly welcomes new members and we are extremely enthusiastic about our builds and theirs. Creating relationships amongst the members, helping them to gain the knowledge to make the right decisions the first time for their dream build is what we are here for.


When users visited the Tacoma 3G Forum, what did you want the atmosphere to be like?

The inviting atmosphere and streamlined interface of our forum really sets us apart. Users tell us they are happy with the overall environment and are excited that we created a forum where people are positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and helpful. As for the interface, Tyler puts in a ridiculous amount of work on the back end to make sure every detail of the site is pleasing to the eye, functional, and works.

What would you like to tell people that don’t know about Tacoma 3G?

First off, we have a lot planned for the future. Tacoma3G 2.0 is right around the corner and we are working hard behind the scenes to bring new and innovative features to our members that have never really been utilized on a forum before. There are not a lot of forums out there like Tacoma3G and we want users to know that we are here to help inform them to make the best choices when it comes to upgrading and caring for their vehicles. So come check us out!

In conclusion, Tacoma 3G is an an amazing forum to jump into if you own a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma. Make sure to check them out and gain some useful knowledge, and make sure to give some, too. Say Hi to Andy for me.👋


Andy Vasquez- Co-owner and Administrator

Tyler Winterfield- Founder and Administrator


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