Top 4 states to go off-road for beginners

Top 4 states to go off-road for beginners

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Now that you have an upgraded rig, where do you even take her? Starting off with a somewhat small trails is a good rule of thumb for beginners. Some off-road trails will literally chew you up and spit you out if you’re not properly prepared. Therefore, the amount of research that is done before taking your newly built rig off-roading is extremely important. The information you gather about off-roading can be a lot to grasp when you’re first starting out with this exciting hobby. There are thousands of miles of off-road trails spread out across the U.S. Each of them varies greatly in terms of distance, difficulty, and aesthetic appeal. Luckily off-roading/over-landing is a friendly hobby that includes an amazing community of people ready to lend a helping hand. No matter where you live, there’s bound to be one or two trails for you to discover. If you’ve been aching to leave the pavement and accept the challenge as well as the adventure off-roading can take you, then here are four of the best states in the U.S to explore.  


California- Is a one-stop shop for almost any type of off-roading adventure you are looking for. With the number of mountains, valleys, forests, farmland, deserts and even the ocean, finding your perfect trail couldn’t be any easier. Cali is the place to explore if you enjoy looking at the scenery and appreciate the pleasure of off-roading combined into one. You will not be disappointed as your cruising the trails from sunrise to sunset. Discovering everything California has to offer in a couple days is impossible.

Arizona- This state it known for its intense heat.  When you think of Arizona, you think of the dry desert. In fact, Arizona has so much more to offer. This state is home of the most well-known historic landmark, The Grand Canyon. Many people believe that Arizona was made with off-roading in mind due to its landscape, and they are right. Arizona is perfect for this great sport. There are numerous trails that can be found throughout the whole state. Between its breathtaking waterfalls sceneries, and multiple interesting canyons to explore, there are plenty of off-roading sites you won’t want to miss.

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Colorado- Is well-known for its outdoor activities and in my opinion, Colorado is one of the most beautiful states there is. Its beauty is unparalleled and completely unique and exciting! Don’t even get me started on the tons of excellent off-road mountain trails. Colorado weather can change in an instant, having said that, the correct recovery gear is a must! You never know when you will need to escape a sticky situation.  

Utah- Utah is yet another state with a wide range of trails. With its Rocky Mountains, and sand dunes, this state will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Utah is diverse enough that you are bound to find an amazing trail that you’ll love. There are trails where you can relax and experience natural geysers and beautiful landscapes, or you can except the challenges you cross and find yourself learning and navigating through the rocky terrains. 


Whether you agree or disagree with this list of the top 4 states for off-roading, the important thing is getting out there and exploring the unknown. While you’re out traveling the world and experiencing all these great states and sightseeing, be sure to always be prepared for any scenario. Its critical to pack the right gear when heading out for day trips, weekend trips, or even cross-country trips. Each of these states have multiple off-road trails that range from easy to extreme. Having a bumper, winch, under belly protection such as shock guards, lower control arm skid, fuel tank skids, extra fuel, spare tires and the list goes on. It also important to know your strengths when you’re behind the wheel. This hobby is truly a once in a lifetime experience that you will never want to end. Leaving any of these states will be hard but at the end of the day your love for this sport will grow stronger. 


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