Top 8 Essential Pieces of Gear for Overlanding

Top 8 Essential Pieces of Gear for Overlanding

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Now that your rig is ready to hit the trails, are you? Have you packed all your necessary gear? When we are heading out on an excursion, we typically travel with friends, family, or a group of fellow over-landers. We have come to learn over the years that everyone’s essential over-landing gear is different. Some people may accommodate for children and even pets, and what you may think is essential, someone else may not. Packing for a weekend trip, weeklong quest or even a cross country journey, we each have our own style of travel gear and specific needs during these adventures. That’s why when we go anywhere, no matter how long we are staying, we pack prepared. You never know what you may end up needing. That’s why we created what we think is a list of the Top 8 Essential Gear for Overlanding. 

1. First Aid Kit- This has to be the MOST important items to bring on the trail or anywhere for that matter. When it comes to first aid, we pack 2 different bags. One bag includes everyday products such as band aids, headache meds, sun block, bug spray, bacterial creams, and hand sanitizer (the necessities). The second medical bag includes large ace bandages, a neck brace, (just in case) malaria treatment (those mosquitos do not play), super glue and an Epi-Pen. Both medical kits are always kept in arms reach. We hardly ever open our medical bags, but when we do it’s for the more common ailments like minor cuts, bruises, and insect bites. Check out our friends at MyMedic to get fully prepared Medical First Aid Kits

2.  Fire Equipment- Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blankets are like the medical kits, we hope to never use them, but simply cannot leave home without them. A portable fire extinguisher can be used for the simplest fires by spraying onto the burning material to cool it down. A fire blanket can work particularly for smothering fat pan fires or wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire. You never know what can happen while exploring trails but having the proper gear can be a literal life saver. You can get fire equipment at your local department store or even on amazon. We do recommend having a quick release on your fire extinguisher for easy access. 

3. Fridge/cooler- When we first started this hobby, all we used was a nice sized yeti cooler for all our cold goods. We quickly found out that we would need a more efficient cooling system on the longer trips. As a hungry family of five, we need a lot of food!  Now we can’t go anywhere without our Snomaster. The best part about having a fridge is that we can keep almost anything cold, and not have to worry about anything getting waterlogged from sitting in the melted ice. For the occasional short drives, we still use our ole’ handy dandy yeti cooler. It takes the same amount of space up as our Snomaster, but it can be great because it requires no power to run. 

4. Cooking Equipment- Making a ground fire is fun and all, but it can be tiresome, especially after a long drive.  When we go to shows and overlanding trips, we bring two different styles of cooking equipment: The Skottle and Rago BBQ Grill. One uses gas, and another just straight up coals. It depends on your preference really, or what you decide to bring on your trip to feed yourself, family or friends. Some people also bring a gas stove as another day-to-day cooker. This is used for making tea, coffee, and many other foods. Check out our blog To Grill or To Skottle to learn about the benefits of popular cooking equipment. 

5. Tools- This one is kind of a no- brainer, but you really don’t want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere without some basic tools.  A decent socket set, set of spanners, hammer, duct tape, crowbar, and any special tools specific to your vehicle are just some of our choices for this category – but you know your situation better than anyone.  Tools can be extremely heavy though, so when choosing to pack tools make sure you are packing EXACTLY what you think you may need. The extra weight can really bog down your trip.  Packing away tools in your overland toolbox is recommended, or you can get a complete set of necessary tools from BOXOUSA. They have a super cool set up that rolls right up and fits pretty much anywhere. If you go the toolbox route, keep in mind they can take up a ton of room, so adding your toolbox to your Factory Rail Support System or roof rack would be ideal. 

6. Table, Chairs- Well, I’d say chairs mostly. We just purchased a couple GCI Pod Rocker Chairs, and we love them!  A table can be useful but can also take up vital room you may not have in your vehicle. If you have a Tacoma or another truck, check in with Mountain Hatch, they have a great food grade solution for your tailgate that works wonders when you’re camping. If you have a SUV, a small folding table will be your go to table to bring or check out Rigd’s Ultra Table. 

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7.  Spare Fuel/Water Tanks- Get out there, survive, succeed, and return home. Running out of fuel and water can ruin your whole entire trip, and under certain circumstances, that can be worse than running out of food. Bringing along extra water and fuel tanks are another one of those items you do not want to leave behind. Having an extra 20 gallons of fuel, and an extra 4 gallons of water for just in case is really for that piece of mind. We recommend a FuelPax from RotoPax for a gas storage solution, and a WaterPort Day Tank from WaterPort for your water solution. 

8. The Spirit of Adventure- Finally, the correct mind set is everything, and it is free! Overlanding, off-roading and even camping can be challenging but it’s so much fun. Don’t take everything so serious but know when to be serious.  Leave a comment below on what items you would add to this list and why be sure to stay tuned for phase 5. 


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