Trail Therapy Offroad - Interview

Trail Therapy Offroad - Interview

We spent a week working with Trail Therapy Offroad helping them get outfitted with the vehicle equipment upgrades they needed. Then we sat down for an interview over some Texas BBQ. Check out the full interview in the video below...

The Trail Therapy story:

Our President Kevin Massey- Bosnia, Disabled Army Veteran, myself- (VP and Secretary) - Iraq and Afghanistan War, disabled Marine Veteran and Nick Kimmel (Also VP and Treasurer)- Iraq and Afghanistan War, disabled Marine Veteran came together after meeting in the place we love the most, the outdoors.

It was in Ocotillo Wells when we all discovered that our strengths and weakness are able to blend together so we can help one another in harmony. Though brought on by different stories, we used this strategy to learn from one another while helping each other grow. This concept, as is the same in the Military allowed us to bond beyond the vehicles that we were driving. Our passion, our mission and the blood that flows through our veins is determined to serve the same brothers and sisters that we fought with for many years, in many wars. The idea for helping vets and bringing the outdoors, off-roading concept together was one that already made its way into our hands as that is how me met in the first place.



Trail Therapy Offroad is a 100% non-profit organization and our mission is to provide Disabled Veterans with the knowledge and skills needed to safely enjoy and navigate in an outdoors and off road environment.

This includes being behind the wheel and in full control of a rig in a convoy type manner with necessary communication devices. This is being accomplished by providing training from industry professionals and manufacturers who are just as passionate about providing for our Nation's Veterans and thanking them for their service and sacrifices.

We recently purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 that we are in the process of tearing down, acquiring parts and making mission capable for the disabled veterans to use on our trail runs. Furthermore, Trail Therapy Offroad conducts trail runs from beginner to intermediate and advanced as well as attends off roading events to support our fellow offroading community. 


We at Rago Fabrication love what this organization is doing for the off roading community, we wanted to spread the word to our followers and maybe get you guys involved. Click the link below to learn about their events, donate and follow along.

Check them out




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