The Best Overlanding Showers

The Best Overlanding Showers

While off-roading is probably one of the most exciting outdoor hobbies you will ever come to find. There are definitely a few things I would change if I could. Like the fact that showers aren’t available everywhere. 😱 No one ever talks about the unavoidable stench that comes along with being cooped up in a vehicle for days, or even weeks at a time. While exploring nature in a vehicle that is not equipped with a full bathroom, may have you asking yourself how I can stay clean, much less take a fantastic hot shower? The amount of time you’re traveling plays a huge part in the way you can bathe. If you’d ask me, this is a MUST KNOW! Below we are going to go over a few easy, cool ways to make sure you can stay clean and feeling super fresh while exploring nature. 😊

Low-Cost Shower-Campsites, truck stops, gas stations, and even some 24-hour gyms can be an opportunity for a decent shower. “That is of course if they allow you to shower there” Being able to stop at a low-cost shower is a gift, but what if your miles from any of these locations. Then what do you do? 

Sponge bath- Some of us probably haven’t had a sponge bath since birth, 🤣 but this is really one way to keep clean on those long adventures. There are many ways to proceed with a sponge bath including filling a bucket, or even a water bottle. For those cold nights, warm water can make all the difference. Boiling water on a stove, or over a nice hot fire will for sure help with having to take a sponge bath. 

The Wipes Bath- My least favorite... Wet wipes may not be your go-to hygiene solution after a long day of driving, but they are a great way to help feel refreshed and clean when a shower is not an option. There are so many brands of small and even full-size body wet wipes. When it comes to a wet wipe bath, choosing the correct ones will determine on your skin and how often they will be used. When using wipes make sure your skin is not sensitive to your wipes. You do not want to have an allergic reaction while on the trails. 

Day Tank- Our personal favorite! These are life saviors, why wouldn’t you want to carry a portable water container. Waterport Day Tanks are water containers ranging in size from 2-gallons – 8-gallon tanks. The best feature of the water port tank is that it can go everywhere your adventure leads you. Which I promise you, is a life savior. Day Tanks are used for many applications, from drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, bathing, cooking, cleaning and so much more. Not only are these wonderful tanks hands-free, but they are also completely safe for your water to be stored in. I’m sure you can see why this is our go to water source when going camping, and even offroading. 

Rago Fabrication
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All in all, whether you are a traditional camper and have all the necessary gear for taken a shower or whether you are traveling in your well-built rig, there is no feeling better than a nice warm shower at the end of each long day. However, now with all this helpful information not being able to shower should no longer be an issue for you. Whether you are taken a 3-day adventure or a weeks’ worth of adventures, you will now be able to enjoy any trip you plan without dreading the day/days after when you are sticky, smelly, and overall, grumpy. Don’t allow your hygiene to affect your offroading adventure. Leave us a comment below telling us how you stay clean on your long excursions without an actual shower. 😁


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