When in Doubt, Dash Out.

When in Doubt, Dash Out.

Customer Review by Phillip H. 

Let’s face it. If you have a 4runner, you know what I mean when I say they do not come equipped with a lot of mounting space for your phone and other accessories. I don’t know about you, but there’s always so much clutter on my dash. I was over it and started hunting for the perfect mounting solution for me. I had purchased a few different mounts in the past but none of them held up. I used the windshield phone mount and for a while, and it wasn’t half bad. Until inevitably, what I was afraid of, happened. The sticky just wasn’t sticky anymore. My windshield had plenty of the “Olympic rings” from where the mount would no longer stick to my windshield. I then moved on from windshield phone mounts to the air vent phone mount. As soon as I attached it, it was like my phone was too heavy and I couldn’t adjust it upwards to view my screen. The damn thing is basically useless. At this point I was beyond frustrated, now I have to itch this scratch for the third time, (sigh) and find a better longer lasting solution.

Upon looking for something sturdier, I stumbled upon The Rago Fabrication Dash Mount. This mount has been fabricated from steel and fits perfectly over the 4runner dash. I have seen other mounts like this before, but they were only designed for trucks. So, when I stumbled upon this, I was super stoked and purchased right way. Shortly after purchasing I thought to myself, am I going to be able to install this myself or am I going to need help? My other concern was if the dash clock would still be visible. I’m pretty tall, so it seems like the mount would cover the clock to where I wouldn’t be able to see it. Guess I’ll be finding out soon. 

I was completely squirrely waiting for my package arrive. Finally, after just a couple weeks, my package was here, and I was eager to get it installed.  When I tell you the packaging was phenomenal, I mean it. I opened the box and immediately heard angels singing as if I just walked through the gates of heaven.  Inside the box laid perfectly fitted foam keeping the products secure and protected from any damage. They even included all the hardware! That was a plus! I love a company that puts their heart and soul into what they do. I haven’t even installed the dash mount, and I was already in love.  

I began moving onto the install which seemed to be pretty simple, but I had never drilled into my vehicle before. (super terrifying BTW.) I lined up the dash mount with the factory dash and with a sharpie, I marked all the holes on one side that needed to be drilled then on to the other side. Once the install was complete, I sat back in my seat and smiled “it was perfect” I was happy to see that I hadn’t completely ruined my brand new Toyota with my not so great mechanical skills. I’m glad that I made the right purchase and the install was fairly easy minus the drilling. Man, the dash mount looks almost factory, it belonged there. I then started searching (again) for phone mounts and CB radios to fit directly onto my new dash mount. At least Rago was able to direct me to the correct phone mounts so I don’t smash my head against a wall this time. Finally, no more mounting frustrations. I can finally enjoy our next adventure. 

- Phillip

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