Why Airing Down Is Important.

Why Airing Down Is Important.

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We have all been taught how to maintain proper tire pressure while driving on the pavement. But what about off-roading or slippery situations? Having the correct tire pressure while driving on asphalt not only manages the wear and tear of the tire, but also helps promote the tires safety. However, when it comes to off-roading, all those “proper” techniques we have been taught can be thrown out the window. 

There is no how-to manual on airing down, learning your vehicle comes with time and plenty of off-road practice. If you’re planning on venturing off-road through sand, deep snow, mud, or rocks, traction is the name of the game. Releasing air pressure (also known as airing down) allows your tires to adapt to the surface you’re driving on. There are many benefits to airing down according to the terrain you’re adventuring on, but we will just list a few:

  • Increases vehicle performance and flexibility (easier on the rig)
  • Better traction
  • Smoother ride
  • Airing up

Vehicle Performance and Flexibility-

When your tire has less air, it allows the vehicle to produce a wider patch of tread so the tire can easily keep contact with the ground (surface). Deciding not air down can make your tires dig deeper into the ground and can slow your forward momentum. Airing down is especially helpful when it comes to driving through mud, deep sand, or snow; allowing the vehicle to basically float on top of the terrain, rather than sink. Releasing air will also help when it comes to crawling over larger objects such as rocks or highly eroded areas.

Better traction-

 Traction is the key to conquering an obstacle while off-roading or rock crawling. Airing down your tires can improve the tires traction tremendously, especially in tougher terrain. When you air down, the weight of the vehicle pushes the tire down and out, which then pushes the tread pattern out resulting in more tire traction. Additionally, on hard terrain such as slick rocks, the increased traction can mold around those large obstacles for a better, long-lasting grip.

Smoother Ride- 

You’re probably wondering why having a smoother ride is a important benefit to airing down. But let’s be honest, most your time off-roading is spent in your ride. Why would you want a rough, jarring, wheeling adventure. With the manufacturer fully inflated tires, your ride will be that much harsher, leaving you to feel every bump you encounter. Releasing some air will help your tires absorb the impact of the rough trails and make for a smoother ride.  We promise your passengers and pets will thank you later. 

Airing up- 

At the end of the journey, you MUST air up your tires back to the proper manufacturer tire pressure. Driving on asphalt at high speeds with deflated tires will not only be dangerous to you but other drivers around you. Always refer to your manufacturer handbook for recommended PSI on the pavement. 

We have made airing down and back up so easy, you can do it in your sleep.  With the Rago Wifey Air System all four tires will be aired up or down in a matter of four minutes total. Talk about saving time! Having an on-board air system saves you the back ache of going to each individual tire to adjust your PSI or driving miles to a gas station to air up those deflated tires. 

So now you decide, is airing up really necessary? We think absolutely. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 


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