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Ditch Light Brackets give you the ability to run aftermarket LED lights on the hood of your 4Runner. Each bracket provides a sleek profile clean look. The brackets do not interfere with the function of the hood opening or closing. These will fit if you have a snorkel installed. Installation is simply bolt-on and does not require any drilling. Minimal trimming has been reported. These brackets are sold in pairs.

Every bracket is designed by Rago Fabrication using state of the art CAD techniques, and cut on our 3K Fiber Optic Laser. This allows us the tightest tolerances possible and gives our products the best quality allowable. Every product is ceramic tumbled for a smooth finish and then powder coated black for a look that can not be beat!

The Details

  • Made in the USA
  • No Drilling or Trimming Required
  • Works with Snorkel Installed
  • Bolts on Hood Hinge
  • Low Profile Clean Look
  • Powder coated Black Textured Black

Quick Read: Why Do You Need Ditch Brackets?

 Best Lighting Options:

Low Profile Ditch Light Brackets

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eric Hutchinson (San Antonio, TX)
Rago Fabricating Low Profile Ditch Lights

I installed the Rago Fabricating Brackets with Baja Designs Squadron Amber Driving Lights ditch lights. Installation was easy and the items arrived very quickly.

Brandon Salamat (Chula Vista, CA)
Spend the money… it’s worth it!

Although you’d think ditch brackets are no big deal and it doesn’t matter which ones you get, it’s not true. It definitely matters and isn’t worth saving a few bucks. I’ll tell you why…

I bought some cheap brackets (I won’t mention from who) and they looked cool while driving around the city. Once off-road, these things were shaking and bouncing around all over the place banging against the edge of my hood. Luckily I had put electrical tape on the bracket between the small gap and my hood. You could hear the brackets making contact in even the smallest of washes at Anza. Had the tape not been there, I believe there’d be paint loss and chips; even on 1 good trip. Plus the lights were bouncing around everywhere.

The Rago Fab brackets are beefy, solid and do not move/shake whatsoever. Quality and the use of better materials really makes a differences. Don’t waste your money on cheap brackets because the money you do save, you’ll be spending on repairs.

Steve Richardson (Ashburnham, MA)

Beautiful parts with high quality fit and finish. Well packaged and quickly shipped, too. Feels good to support nice folks running a small US business!

Brian P (La Salle, MI)
Perfect Fit

Well made and machined, fit perfectly! Low profile doesn't interfere with vision, plenty of deck space to mount lights to desired angle. Outstanding product like all their other products.

Camilo Trevino (La Crescenta, CA)

This RAGO addon has given me clarity and I love the way they enable my lights off road.

This was a very simple to do RAGO Add on that took less than an hour to complete with the wiring of my Diode Dynamic S3 Fog Lamps.

I love these RAGO fabrications that had emissive functionality to my 4Runner.

There is a lot to take in with this build and I am currently looking for the next build because these were just to easy to setup.