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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 47 reviews
      Not bad.

      Weeks after ordering my window panels, (in early April) I ordered the center console and dash pieces for my 4Runner. They arrived. The center console powder coating was damaged slightly, I can live with it, but for the money… It should arrive perfect. The product seems decent overall.
      My son and I customized and installed the dash part only to have one of the threaded receivers for the accessory bolts pop off as we went to start the thread. Because we had already put my military badges and installed the part before knowing it was defective, we chose not to return it.
      They gave us 10% percent off, so we got that going for us.
      For the price and lead time you would hope it arrived serviceable and in good shape.
      Window panels have still not shipped… fingers crossed they ship soon and are in good shape.

      Really Awesome!

      Installation wasn't too bad, and when it's all in, it's solid as a rock! The only issue I had was the bolt where the air duct is, inside the center console. I had to run a bolt backwards because there wasn't enough clearance between the air duct and the outer shell of the center console.

      This thing is bad ass

      I just installed my console side panels and bridge. Pretty easy to install. I was worried that the bridge would be in the way of daily life, but not at all. Now I just need stuff to stick on this thing. I’ll have it full in no time. Thank you. Ps. Root beer barrels are my favorite

      Awesome product

      The center console mount for my 5th gen 4runner arrived earlier than expected and was packaged beautifully. The craftsmanship of the product is flawless and it installed rather easily. The Rago install video was very helpful !!

      Great American Made Product

      I received some stimmy money from the feds. So I decided that it would go to a small business. Found this awesome company and ordered a center console and modular storage panels. I received the center console and was impressed. I work in manufacturing and was impressed with craftsmanship. The instruction video was perfect and made everything simple.