Blemished? What the heck does that mean?

Blemished? What the heck does that mean?

Today we are going to talk about Blemishes. When I think of blemishes, it rolls me back to the awkward middle school days. You know, when you looked in the mirror to find yourself covered in acne the day of the “spring fling”, or you just spilled ketchup on your brand new Levi’s. Well, those are not the kind of blemishes I am talking about. 

Typically, “blemished items are products that have minor cosmetic defects such as scratches, dings, or minor imperfections that do not affect the performance or integrity of the item.” Let’s be real for a second. Any company that states an item as “blemished” pretty much raises some question regardless of what the definition is.  Some common questions asked are: What kind of blemish is it? Where is the blemish located? Can you send a photo? What do you consider blemished? Well, we are here today to ease your mind and give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

What do you consider Blemished? We hold our products to a higher standard here at Rago. We Blemish anything that is not complete PERFECTION. This means, what may seem minuet to someone else, is automatically blemished, no matter how small the imperfection. 

What does perfection mean to Rago? Perfection means no scratches, dings, or an over/under powder coat spray of the product. If the product has any significant damage, such as a deep large scratch or multiple dings, this product is considered unsellable and is automatically scrapped.

What kind of blemish is it? Guys, let me tell you that every single blemish is different! None of them are the same. Here at Rago we comb through HUNDREDS of products a day for blemishes before they are packaged and placed into their proper home. Blemishes can range from light to multiple scratches, minor ding, orange peel, chips, too much powder or not enough. It can be one of these or multiple. Blemished is also a perfect option if you want to paint them a different color or fix them up yourself!

Can you send a photo? No, we can’t. As we said before, every single blemish is different. After an item is marked as blemished, the product is packaged, sealed, and placed into our blemished inventory. We cannot open and unwrap every product to send you a photo of the blemish.

Here at Rago, we pride ourselves on perfection and outstanding performance of our products. We would not sell or advertise anything to our customers that we would not put in our own vehicle. If you are looking for complete perfection of your product, (Rago Standard) then blemished items are NOT for you.

Now that you have a good understanding of what blemished items mean to us, we hope to see you scoping out our warehouse sale in the future. Although we may not be able to help with severe acne or stained jeans, we are always here to help a fellow off-road enthusiast get the quality products they need.

What can these Blemishes look like? 



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