Dad's Root Beer Candy

Dad's Root Beer Candy

The Reason Behind The Candy

  Over the years that Rago Fabrication has been in business, we have always added a special touch to all our products. We have had many people reach out to us, asking why we chose to put Dad’s Root Beer Candy in every single order, and with that, comes this story. 

Taking the time to add Dad’s Root Beer Candy to every package is very important to us, important enough, that we make sure we never, ever run out. When we decided to do this, we had hope that it would resonate with our customers. That it meant they can count on us and our products. Dad’s root beer candy has been around for a lifetime, and brings back so many memories on how things used to be. You know, when your purchase wasn’t just a purchase but something that you knew you needed. Something that could take a beating, was made with tough materials and would outlive you. Just like Toyotas, and just like a Rago Product..

Barney Berns and Ely Klapman (founders of Dad’s root beer) started this company in the basement of Klapmans Chicago area-home and were known for having such high standards for their products. Like them, Rago Fabrication was founded in the garage of our small home in Rancho Cucamonga, putting our heart and soul into every aspect of our business.  We focus on the quality and usability of our products, all the way down to the smallest details. Including adding a little taste of home. 

Like Barney and Ely, we too, have high standards for our products. So much so, that we are known worldwide for designing and producing flawless products that stand up to real life situations. So the next time you eat a Root Beer Candy, we hope it resonates with you. We hope that when you see Rago, you see a product that will not only stand up to the toughest trails around the world, but a product that was built to last a lifetime.  Because I know we do. 

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You have gotten the customer service, that is for sure. Thanks for taking the time with all you put keeping us informed and up to date. And a special thanks for this great explanation of the Dad’s Root Beer connection! Have a blessed independence day and summer to come! Darrin Huntley 😎

Darrin Huntley

I had wondered about the inclusion of this little treat when I received my orders. Mystery solved.
However, the candy did not last as long as your products have.
So far each piece I have ordered/installed have been of high quality and doing their job.
Thank you for the history, the candy and your standards of production.

Alfred Pfingstl

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