Modular Molle Storage Units

Modular Molle Storage Units

Modular Storage Units

Customer Testimonial: “Modular storage panels were the last thing on my mind when it came to storage. Keeping up with children is difficult enough, much less worried about how organized my vehicle is. I was a complete mess when it came to my truck. And I mean MESS. From duffle bags to rope to groceries, it just seemed like everything was getting out of control. Rago Fabrication’s Modular Storage Panel and Shelf saved my sanity” -Sarah, GA

Modular storage panels have hit the ground running and are rapidly growing in popularity amongst the off-roading community. Why you may ask? One word. ORGANIZATION. You can put almost anything on these panels. If you read any review about Molle Panels and Shelves, they will be the same. They LOVED them. So lets dive into the pros and (little) cons of Modular Storage.

Pros: You can organize anything. From tools, first aid kits, to paper towels and even fire extinguishers. Add the shelf, and you have even more storage for duffel bags and groceries. The shelf has a lip, so your items do not fall onto back seat riders.

Cons: Product stored on Modular Storage Units can have a slight rattle once installed. For instance, if you added a fire extinguisher to your panels, this item could theoretically rattle.  Although this can be annoying, it is easily minimized with a Rubber band, or tie down strap. Add a shelving unit to the mix, and it could potentially block your rearview mirror somewhat as well.

So what set's Rago Fabrication Modular Storage Panels apart from others?

We put everything into every single product we make. We cut, bend, and hand sand each panel to perfection before sending them off to powder coat. With our specially fabricated aluminum billet spacers, we were able to reduce the rattle of our Molle Panels, allowing you the smoothest ride possible. If you decide to add the shelf, enjoy the versatility and adjust your shelf from the top of the panel all the way down. This allows you to adjust for fridges, ice chests, and even Fido. 🐶

So the choice is yours, will a Modular Storage Unit save your sanity?

You can get the Modular Storage Panels here->
You can get the Modular Storage Panel Shelf here->

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Great product, I purchased a few weeks ago. Easy to install using the Youtube video, would love to upload some photos, do you have that ability?

Chris Simmans

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