Power Couple 💞⚡

Power Couple 💞⚡

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Let’s talk about power. No, not the kind of power Thor feels when he picks up Mjolnir? (hammer?), but it’s pretty damn close. Your mobile power supply is everything when you’re out on the road. If you’re not careful you can overload your battery set up with different accessories like phone chargers, light bars, refrigerators, winches, radios and much more. These accessories require power, and not just a little. While Group 31 Batteries seem to be all the rave here in the off-roading community, do you actually need one? Does it replace the need for a secondary battery? 

Group 31 Batteries were originally made for Marine and Diesel but have recently became crazy popular in the off-roading community, simply because, they carry a TON of power. Made from AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) material, these batteries can be a little pricey, but they have a stable output and last for a longer period of time, giving you the most life out of your battery.  

Because most new batteries on the market are deep cycle or some form of deep cycle, they are meant to last longer under prolonged current draws. But this will only last so long depending on your vehicles current needs. If you are a weekender and planning to be stationary for a long period of time, you may need to invest in a Dual Battery System.

But how long DO they last? Well, typically the Odyssey Group 31 Battery will last 20 hours with a 5 amp load (which is basically just the dome light you left on over the weekend. ) Let me put this into perspective- under ideal weather conditions the Dometic CFX3 45 Fridge operates at 8.2 amps. This means that the battery will last about 12 hours with your fridge plugged in.  The more amperage you have on a single battery will deplete the amount of hours it will last. On the bright side, these particular batteries will be at 100% full charge in about 4-6 hours. 

Although these batteries are extremely durable – weighing in at around 80lbs, they NEED a stable area to reside in, especially in extreme off-roading. With this being said, you should be on the hunt for a durable, tight fitting battery box that won’t rust over time. Well, here comes the shame monster. I could tell you about other companies battery boxes, but since I have you here and I wrote the blog- I’ll just tell you about ours. (Please don’t hit me with Mjolnir.) 

While yes, there are plenty of battery boxes on the market, the Rago Fabrication Battery Box really does stand out. Coming in with a Rust Free Guarantee and a fully enclosed battery cage, you can be sure your battery will be virtually unmovable. Not to mention the included zip tie slots to keep your engine bay clean and free from unsightly wires. Functionality is everything to us – because we use it too! 

While Batteries and Battery Boxes are the ultimate power couple when it comes to off-roading, they definitely do not stand up to the iconic Thor and Mjolnir. But hey, not everyone can feel the power that Thor does when he’s united with the hammer. When you avoid a dead battery because you invested in an Odyssey Battery and Rago Box, at least you can feel like a hero.



Group 31 Battery Box 


Odyssey Extreme Battery Series Group 31


3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma - Secondary Battery Box


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So I recently purchased your group 35 box when it went on sale, did I make a mistake? If not what group 35 battery will fit this box to give me the most juice for my money? Or is it Hammer Time ⚒️

Darrin Huntley

I watched your install video. What I did not see is how to extend your batterie leads when upgrading to the group 31 box and batterie. Do you have a option to extend the batterie terminals or should I cut and extend the factory cables to reach the group 31 terminals?

Mike Kaneshiro

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